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A group of African Movie Enthusiasts , who visited Ghana in December during the Year Of Return, have adopted ‘UNCRUSHABLE,’ a  movie shot in Nigeria and Ghana, featuring some notable Ghana and Nigerian Actors.
The team came to Ghana to see a possible way of promoting African content in the USA.
According to Mrs. Faye who is a member of the Team, they watched an interview of a project the producer had released in 2018, a movie with a local African setting in of which they instantly fell in love with the location and other elements of the movie.
“When we got to Accra, same movie THE KING WITH NO CULTURE was showing on a local TV in Accra,
After watching the full movie, we went online in search of information about the production, we were able to reach the producer of the Movie, D.M.F Productions represented by Destiny Austine Omon. After weeks of negotiations we have decided to adopt the movie for a screen at the Diaspora African Forum in California scheduled for 11 Th of April 2020 but had to be shifted to a later date after the 8 weeks lock down in the USA as a result of Corona Virus 🦠 .it was also scheduled to be screened in Arizona on the 17th of April 2020, A later date will be announced soonest.
“Uncrushable” will later be screened at the snap cinema at the A.M.A building in Accra on the 13th of April 2020. And at the O’Deluxe Cinema in Lekki, Lagos Nigeria on the 1st of May 2020 After which it will be released to Cinemas worldwide.
Uncrushable is Produced by D.M.F Production and Distributed by Pinnacle Films.
It follows the story of a young banker  who is shot into a state of agony and self-despise after he was sacked from work due to his incorruptible nature and inability to abide by the evils at his work place. To worsen issues, his wife mounts pressure on him to keep up to current trends even in his poor state. In an attempt to still live flashy, the wife falls into the arms of a rich man. When the man finally gets back on his feet via a court case against his former employers, the woman faces the results of her choice. Can she survive it?
Watch the trailer below:





The Eze ndi Igbo na Ghana, His Royal Majesty, Chukwudi Jude Ihenetu (HRM) today wo give food to 1,000 people for street today for Ghana. Yesterday, I salute Media talk to Eze for phone. Eze talk say na hungry be the first satan wen they worry person, em say pikin wen dey hungry no fit learn well, say na hungry na em dey let many people dey go commit bad thing because hungry man na angry man. Eze talk say today by 10 o clock this morning , Him and other people for em palace, some Ghana Celebrities, other kings and big big Oga dem for Ghana wo dey there. Them wo also dey  help some women  start market wen wo help them dey feed their  family. Every Body wo meet for America house  traffic light for opposite shell filling station, for East Legon. From there dem wo come dey move to share the food around. So if you know E get as belle dey do you and you know say nothing dey house, you fit just enter tro tro come there come do refill. we say may God bless Eze, I salute media and em team wo dey there may we wo dey  bring una the live tory wen happen for there .



# UNCRUSHABLE MOVIE : I Must Go Watch That Movie. Nigerian High Commissioner


The  Uncrushable Movie, Movie wen Be say Na Nigerian and Ghana actors na them put hand together come do this film, the Producer when be Nigerian go visit the new Madam when be the new  commissioner when dey on top for Ghana. Dem waka go meet Madam for office, make dem invite am for the premiere wen wo happen for Snap Cinema For AMA building for Accra, The same movie wo still show for America and for Lagos too. Mr. Destiny Omon when be the Producer and Nana Yaa Agyare wen be Ghana Actress na dem go meet Madam.                                     . Madam  Mrs Esther Adebola Arewa  come talk say, she dey happy well well to see Nigerian person wen dey do well like this, she talk say as person wen be the eye of Nigeria for Ghana, she dey ready to put hand for back carry any Nigeria person wen dey give nigeria good name for Ghana.  she say no be only her but every person for the Embassy wo go support the movie because no be only when pikin do bad dem dey shout em name, if pikin still dance better dance na to clap for am. Mr Destiny Omon wen be the producer of the movie talk say, As far as madam don dey push Nigerians like this na em be say Touch light don dey shine small small dey come from inside Tunnel. The Movie get people like Yemi Blaq, Nana Yaa Agyare,Franca Brown and other Ghana and Nigerian Actors. The Nigerian Actors wo enter Ghana for the premiere wen wo happen for A.M.A new Building (SNAP CINEMA).


AJ doballe For Baba Buhari.


Anthony Joshua, wen be world heavy weight champion for blows, last weekend go meet Nigeria Oga kpatakpata, Oga Buhari, Na so em lie down for ground flat as proper Ijebu man wen em be, Na to show say no matter how wood stay inside water em no fit turn crocodile. Like M.I talk. Because say cat dey swim no make am cat fish. Thank you UK people una Don try for am but na proper Nigerian, make una stop that British born Nigerian because if na Mohammed wen try to blow aroplane now or Uche wen carry Cocain una for remove the british call am Nigerian man with a British passport. God bless you AJ for the respect wen you give our Baba. Okro no de grow pass who plant am. No forget say Tony collect all em belt back after em almost take blow shift Ruiz face last month for Saudi Arabia, Na em E carry come show baba.FR



DMF productions today on Zylofone FM’s  Show Biz Agenda hosted by Sammy FLEX, Released the Sound track for the Big Nigerian/Ghana Collaboration, Titled UNCRUSHABLE. The track which was written & Performed by Nana Yaa Agyare  and Produced by Crusifix for DMF productions, is one of the best Movie sound Track in recent times. Nana Yaa Agyare in an interview with Sammy Flex, Said she is open to any producer or company who wants her and her team  to compose or produce a sound track for them. Destiny Austine Omon  the C.E.O of DMF Production and Producer of UNCRUSHABLE MOVIE  who was also on the show emphasized  on the need for an original quality sound track for African movies. Tony Asakoma, C.EO of movie freakgh who part of show biz team applauded the initiative as he laments poor quality sound tracks  in our films and according to him, “If we have people like this who have dedicated themselves to doing quality sound track, i think its a very good initiative. Kofi Asamoah , and other industry players who were in the studio also lauded the initiative. The Movie will be screened  on February

29th but for now lets enjoy the Audio below.



Dem no Vacate Nigeria Embassy for Ghana, Embassy still dey where dem Dey.


Since this year na em aproko people come talk say dem don pursue Nigeria embassy commot for where them dey because say  dem no renew rent , but as Isalute come enter the matter, we come see say na lie them talk, the house wen dem talk about na house wen Nigeria embassy buy from Ghana government many years ago. Them no dey use the house again so dem carry give one woman make she dey use am sell  Nigerian food. According to Ghana Law, if you buy house from government, after many year, government wo take the house back if you no wan pay for am  again. So na watin happen be that, But many people for online come dey carry fake torry say them chase Nigerian embassy because of rent, The thing na big insult to the Giant of Africa, na em make isalute say dem must blow breeze for air make people know the real matter.

No forget to follow us because na only we the follow the real news everywhere.

Nigerian Comedian wan come Host The Biggest One Man show for Ghana.


One Nigerian Artist wen dey make people laugh well well, na big artist wen dem know for Edo state Nigerian, RAPTOR don share stage with I Go die, ALIBABA, AY and other big Comedian for Nigeria, Raptor dey hostEm first  show for East Legon for Accra. I salute media meet Raptor last week For one Nigeria community end of year party for Adenta, Raptor scatter every body belle with laugh, The pure Edo pikin say that one na just rehearsal, say on Friday make people come with spare belle in case laugh scatter one many other comedians and better music wo flow.

This one na our own, so we for I salute dey beg all Nigerian people, especially our Edo brothers make we come support our own, no be only when small pikin throw way soup the village dey


hear, if em still go bush

kill grass cutter the full village suppose also hear.  The date na tomorrow, see poster when dey under for details.



Last week Cardi B wen be one of the people wen dey naked dey dance for club for America, the one oyibo dey call stripper, Cardi B also be rapper and musician, na em last week oh,  Cardi go Nigeria go do show, na em the people wen bring am come do over sabi say make dem take one stone kill two bird, but e come be like say the two bird come finally fly. As the matter be so them come carry Cardi enter Ghana. That Sunday na so people go park car for airport dey wait like say  dem dey wait American visa, As Cardi come, video show where she run enter her hotel room, whether na people gather oh abi na chicken gather she no even send them, no pictures nothing. As if that one no do, them come gather all the female show body people when oyibo dey call celebs. Na so dem paint face, wear xmas cloth, carry hand bag like the 10 virgin wen dey Bible. After dem don wait for like Six hours  like say dem dey wait Jesus, nothing de shele na em one of dem say make she stroll pass Swimming pool, see Cardi B dey there dey chop suya. The matter come cause heavy wahala for internet. Even the show self be like secondary school end of year party The big Ghana Artist no fit perform, light dey go off and on like  xmas carol.  Next morning Shatta Wale wen be one of the big musician for Ghana come dey laugh dem say the show body people don really fall em hand, Say as the thing don reach , em no fit chop this shit again, em don go get Nigerian Passport say em don turn Naija Boy. Cardi B run leave shoe em commot from Ghana as E reach yankee, She do video dey sing ” Dis world i cant kill myself , i cant kill myself oh” We for Isalute wonder why dem want make Kadijatu kill herself ? na by force to meet person wen you no know before ? That day she say some thing say when dem pay am to do job she dey do am well, Yesterday one Actress don talk say dem ask her make she pay 150,000 dollars make Cardi B take body rob am and snap foto with am to help her blow for yankee, but she say no, which means all those wen go there, dem pay some thing ? As for Shatta Wale we welcome you but know say for Nigeria na bench you wo dey oh because the queue wo too long for your front, think am well because it is not easy to be an underground artist twice.

XENOPHOBIC ATTACK : GUTA no respect Nana Akuffo Ado, Nigerian High Commissioner Say make people no do Wahala.


The Oga Kpatakpata of Ghana, Nana A. Addo don warn GUTA wen be the oga of people when dey sell  for Ghana market say dem no fit carry law put for their hand go dey lock Nigerian people shops. Em go meet them face to face tell dem say government dey try make dem make sure say dem solve the matter but as the thing dey so, dem no get right to lock any Nigerian people shop. E don dey go 3 days wen em talk am but GUTA people be like say dem carry palm kernel close their ears, dem no ready to obey any body, no forget say them don talk am before say even if God come down dem no wo agree say Nigerian people must commot for their market. Them still close the Nigerian people shop, about 600 Nigerian people shop wen dem put padlock, we hear say dem even dey throw police stone the time wen  police come to stop them.

But the Oga Kpatakpata for Nigeria Embassy . Oga Olufemi Michael Abikoye don tell all the Nigerian people wen dey Ghana say make dem pour ice water for their chest, em say make anybody no fight GUTA, em say GUTA don turn rat wen hide for back of pot, Na sense dem wo i use  drive the rat make pot no come  break.

But we for i salute media come dey think say ebi like say GUTA don big pass government , dem big pass soldier, big pass police, now dem no wan respect Oga presido self. Our people talk say if small pickin hide em hand for back dey insult adult na to first find out watin em hide for inside the hand. Time don reach wen them wo force GUTA hand open make dem know watin dey give dem the power to do watin dem dey do so.

Time don reach wen Nigeria community wo buy big land build their own market carry the whole Nigerian people put there the way china dey do am, if the market good and cheap customers wo still find dem come so dem wo leave circle and Kumasi market because spirit wen dey find blood if you give am palm oil E no wo take.  Because Nigerian people no fit come and go and kill ourself. we dey on the matter like stubborn fly wen no dey hear word your own na to follow us.

Xenophobic Attack: Five Nigerians arrested for “Defending Themselves “


On Monday , na em GUTA , wen  be the Oga  of all the market people for Ghana , dem Come start to lock Nigeria people shops . Na em Nigeria people come out together enter street  say this nonsense must stop , they carry hammer begin break all the padlock, na em gragra come start , GUTA people come begin fight with the Nigerian people. No forget say many Ghana lawyers don talk for TV say GUTA no get right to lock any shop say if any body break law na government na em wo send police go lock the shop. Which means say na GUTA be the criminal inside because you no get right to go lock another person shop na police get right . But Yesterday When I Dey talk to chief Chukwuma Nnaji when be the Oga of Nigeria market people for ACCRA , em talk say police arrest 5 Nigeria people and one Ghana man,

em say those news people when dey talk say Nigeria people carry gun and cutlass na lie say dem dey  try cover the news say even the three people when dey hospital now na Nigerian people. Ghana get police, get soldiers , get immigration, get even National security wen wo go close shops or arrest people if dem wan do so but GUTA just Dey pour sand for government eye as if say government no get power to do any thing. Chief Nnaji say na insult to Ghana government but why dem still keep quiet Dey look na em Dey surprise am . Any way we get live video here make you watch am tell me who fight who . As Government Dey advice every Nigeria people,  Abeg no forget the road when you take come Ghana oh because no matter how wood stay inside river E no fit turn Fish. The people wen GUTA Dey fight so some Dey Ghana with dem pass 30 years, dem no Dey tell blind man say rain dey fall . If South Africa own no teach Nigeria Government lesson na em be say we be fool forever. Too much talk no Dey full basket . Good Morning my people.

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