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XENOPHOBIC ATTACK : GUTA no respect Nana Akuffo Ado, Nigerian High Commissioner Say make people no do Wahala.


The Oga Kpatakpata of Ghana, Nana A. Addo don warn GUTA wen be the oga of people when dey sell  for Ghana market say dem no fit carry law put for their hand go dey lock Nigerian people shops. Em go meet them face to face tell dem say government dey try make dem make sure say dem solve the matter but as the thing dey so, dem no get right to lock any Nigerian people shop. E don dey go 3 days wen em talk am but GUTA people be like say dem carry palm kernel close their ears, dem no ready to obey any body, no forget say them don talk am before say even if God come down dem no wo agree say Nigerian people must commot for their market. Them still close the Nigerian people shop, about 600 Nigerian people shop wen dem put padlock, we hear say dem even dey throw police stone the time wen  police come to stop them.

But the Oga Kpatakpata for Nigeria Embassy . Oga Olufemi Michael Abikoye don tell all the Nigerian people wen dey Ghana say make dem pour ice water for their chest, em say make anybody no fight GUTA, em say GUTA don turn rat wen hide for back of pot, Na sense dem wo i use  drive the rat make pot no come  break.

But we for i salute media come dey think say ebi like say GUTA don big pass government , dem big pass soldier, big pass police, now dem no wan respect Oga presido self. Our people talk say if small pickin hide em hand for back dey insult adult na to first find out watin em hide for inside the hand. Time don reach wen them wo force GUTA hand open make dem know watin dey give dem the power to do watin dem dey do so.

Time don reach wen Nigeria community wo buy big land build their own market carry the whole Nigerian people put there the way china dey do am, if the market good and cheap customers wo still find dem come so dem wo leave circle and Kumasi market because spirit wen dey find blood if you give am palm oil E no wo take.  Because Nigerian people no fit come and go and kill ourself. we dey on the matter like stubborn fly wen no dey hear word your own na to follow us.

Xenophobic Attack: Five Nigerians arrested for “Defending Themselves “


On Monday , na em GUTA , wen  be the Oga  of all the market people for Ghana , dem Come start to lock Nigeria people shops . Na em Nigeria people come out together enter street  say this nonsense must stop , they carry hammer begin break all the padlock, na em gragra come start , GUTA people come begin fight with the Nigerian people. No forget say many Ghana lawyers don talk for TV say GUTA no get right to lock any shop say if any body break law na government na em wo send police go lock the shop. Which means say na GUTA be the criminal inside because you no get right to go lock another person shop na police get right . But Yesterday When I Dey talk to chief Chukwuma Nnaji when be the Oga of Nigeria market people for ACCRA , em talk say police arrest 5 Nigeria people and one Ghana man,

em say those news people when dey talk say Nigeria people carry gun and cutlass na lie say dem dey  try cover the news say even the three people when dey hospital now na Nigerian people. Ghana get police, get soldiers , get immigration, get even National security wen wo go close shops or arrest people if dem wan do so but GUTA just Dey pour sand for government eye as if say government no get power to do any thing. Chief Nnaji say na insult to Ghana government but why dem still keep quiet Dey look na em Dey surprise am . Any way we get live video here make you watch am tell me who fight who . As Government Dey advice every Nigeria people,  Abeg no forget the road when you take come Ghana oh because no matter how wood stay inside river E no fit turn Fish. The people wen GUTA Dey fight so some Dey Ghana with dem pass 30 years, dem no Dey tell blind man say rain dey fall . If South Africa own no teach Nigeria Government lesson na em be say we be fool forever. Too much talk no Dey full basket . Good Morning my people.

ENTERTAINMENT NEWS : Nigeria make me who i be today,i challenge any Ghana Producer……….Kofi Adjorlolo.


Kofi Adjorlolo wen be the Ghana Actors wen don blow pass for all the men wen dey act film for ghana.
Now wen matter dey come out between Ghana and Nigeria, na em Kofi come talk with I Salute media say na Nigeria make am who em be now.
Kofi when don stay for Benin Edo state for Nigeria where em play music follow victor Uwafor Band, before em come Ghana start acting.
Even wen em come Ghana Kofi say na Nigeria make am who em be today, na Nigerian producers and directors give am lead roles when blow am today. Em say 2014 April  Nigerian people give am award for Minneapolis USA, with other 23 Nigerian Actors, na only him be the Ghana Actor wen appear for the list after then em come blow like boko haram bomb, Liberia president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf give am oga kpatakpata for Peace Award and Micheal, Obama wife come give am another US ambassador award same year.

Em say Ghana no get were dem dey honor artist na only golden movie awards and Ghana movies award and em dey remove cap for both of them always, em say em no support people wen say make producers shun dem because na only the two Ghana get.


Kofi  say em dey beat em hand for chest say make any Ghana Producer come challange am.
You wo see say E don te wen we see Kofi for Ghana movie but na every day em dey get job for Nigeria. People dey wonder say why e be say any time Destiny Omon dey or any other Nigerian producer bring movie out Kofi must dey there to support, because our people talk say ” Those wen good spirit help them break kernel no dey ever forget to say thank you. We for I salute believe say if this hand wash the other hand, na em both wo clean. Make we learn to dey support other people work because one tree no dey grow for inside forest.

ENTERTAINMENT NEWS : If no be Nigeria Market I for No dey Make Money For Film : Yvonne Nelson


Ghana Movie Actress wen don start to make film now, Yvonne Nelson, na person wen don dey Nigeria well well, time dey self wen be say people think say na one Nija Musician been wan marry am, we all remember our Oga even use am sing. ‘Oga My Waist’ (i no call any body name oh). Today for Metro TV wen dey Ghana the tory person come as Yvonne how em take dey make money from em film since many producer for Ghana dey cry ? Sister Yvonne wen say em don born again, em don  take body gum God, talk say, she no dey make money from film wen em put am for cinema for Ghana say the only way em dey make money na to play am for Nigeria cinema .  If you see her film na Nigerian director always dey direct am. She and other Ghana producer dey lucky say dem dey fit go sell for Nigeria but for Ghana na different thing. If you be Nigerian producer wen put your film for cinema for Ghana no body wo come, even (Dubai Wedding ) wen be mega film for Nigeria flop well well for Accra. if you go make mistake do am for Kumasi just know say na for only you and family members even the actors and actress no wo attend except few wen really like you, some wo even dey tell you to pay them money before them come. Last time we interview one Nigerian Producer wen don work for Accra before, em talk say even for UK na de same thing say Ghana community no dey come support Nigeria film. Our people talk say if one hand wash the other one both wo clean. We for i salute no be to find trouble oh but we wan tell Yvonne say since em dey get support from Nigerians, na people like her for talk out so that Nigerian producers wo also dey feel the same support for Accra. The new film name na FIX US. them wo bring am out on 6 Th December, Yvonne Okoro, and many other big actors dey inside, make una come out to watch am. Na Pascal Amafro Direct am.

BORDER WAHALA: Good News don Land….


the border wahala wen dey happen  since August after Nigeria just wake up one day close their Borders. But on Wednesday oga Kpatakpata dem of Benin, Nigeria and Ghana come sit down talk watin dem wo arrange for  before dem Nigeria wo open the border .

1. Dem must arrange  get patrol police from the three country wen wo dey waka waka for all the border together .

2. People wo dey pass the borders with better paper no be ordinary ID card or just pay coins stroll pass.

3. Dem no wo dey worry any country people wen wo pass border.

The Oga dem wen sit for the matter talk say as soon as dem put the waka waka police ready, dem wo open the border. Dem never fix date but dem talk say E no wo reach the time wen Dem talk before .

At least as the matter don dey table like chicken so , dem  must slaughter am and na we wo still  Share the Tory come give una because we dey follow the matter like winch , your own na do follow us.

XENOPHOBIC ATTACK : ” Lock your shop Because we no dey protect Policies”. Police tells traders.


Yesterday we dey studio wen some body alert us say gidigidi dey happen for Opera square, i salute Media come gather say, In the morning some Ghana people come vex go open the Nigerian people shop wen GUTA people lock, as dem dey open am na em GUTA boys come enter Opera square begin fight them and the Nigerians

when get the shops. According to Chief. Chukwuemeka Nnaji Wen be one of the Oga Kpatakpata of Nigerian traders union wen we interview am talk say Em dey there for opera square wen the matter shelle , even em self still receive some beatings.
Em say na Ghana Police quickly come pure ice water for the matter if not blood for flow. According to Oga Levi, Even our High commissioner to Ghana Oga Kpatakpata Hon.Olufemi Michael Abikoye come meet them for Regional Police headquarter for Accra where dem carry the matter go.


Our high commissioner even call Oga Kpatakpata for police wen be IGP make you know how the matter pain am for mind reach. As the matter dey so, Ghana police don talk say them no dey protect policy Na only security them dey protect so make Nigeria people lock dem shop until matter settle say dem no wo fit cover any body wen go open thier shop. I come ask Oga Levi say some Nigerian people belive say Government dey support GUTA from back. Em come talk say Sani Abach talk say any sturbboness wen last 24hrs which means government hand dey inside because if government say stop dem no born any body well make em move.
We for Isalute wo dey follow the matter like stubborn fly, your own na to follow us like Bee dey follow honey.

Breaking News : 72 Nigerian shops closed down. Nigerian Welfare person Talk Say GUTA dey carry Medicine and goods go sell for Nigeria.




GUTA wen be Ghana people wen dey sell things for market, come enter Accra and Kumasi begin close down people shops. The Oga Kpatakpata of GUTA talk say as far as Nigerian Government no respect Ecowas wen dem close border, say dem too no wo respect their police or their Government wen talk say dem no get right to lock the shops so dem dey give Nigerians till monday to leave their market. For one of the TV for Ghana, CITI TV, dem show video wen be say GUTA boys dey beat Nigeria people and lock their shop. The Welfare person  Mr Emmanuel Chukwuma talk say, Nigeria no get border Ghana say the reason the thing dey pepper GUTA for body like teargas na because say na GUTA dey export most of the pharmacy goods and medicine go Nigeria. Em also say both coco nut, drinks and many other things so as Nigeria lock that chop chop area, na em make dem dey bark like dog wen born one pikin. Time don reach wen oga Buhari wo stop all these insult Nigerian traders dey receive for Ghana. Make dem also find way to help Nigerian traders when dey also suffer because of this border wen dem close. The both video dey here you fit watch am yourself. Follow us because na only us dey follow Nigeria matter like fly wen no dey hear word.

BREAKING NEWS : Kasapreko lose $ 2M As Nigerian Border Wo De Closed Till Next Year.


As Ghana Government and other African countries dey try beg Nigeria make dem open their border, The Nigeria Government Don come out talk say the border wo still de close till 2020. News wen reach Isalute Media be say even Vietnam send people come Nigeria to beg make border open. True true dem talk say if sand full rice even the blind man wo see am. E be like say the sand don too plenty for Nigeria people food so our government don see am. Nigeria no get border with Vietnam or even Ghana so person wo wonder why dem dey drink Panadol for headache wen no concern them. We hear say Dangote dey set up big rice plants and tomatoes company for all over Nigeria and since them lock border Nigeria don cash out over 200 billion Naira. As the thing dey, if you be Nigerian and you no dey happy with the closing of border na em be say na witch you be, seriously you dey fly for afternoon.

Last time i see many trucks wen carry tin tomatoes and other Ghana products dey go Nigeria, them no dey pay tax os shipments yet those products wo go dey struggle the market with our local goods for Lagos.  kasapreko wen get alomo and other Ogogoro drinks don talk say dem lost 2 Million dollars since dem close border.

We for Isalute come talk say so them dey milk Nigerian people like this na em dem still dey treat us like refugee ? true true if you live for  glass house no throw stone. Make Nigeria people ready to chop local rice for Christmas. Yes Nigerian Local Rice and Foul sweet well well. Anyway we dey follow the matter , your own na to follow us for social media.

Breaking News : Ghana Macho Men Defend Nigerian Traders, Break Every Shop Wen GUTA Lock.


Our people talk say Cow wen no get tail na God dey pursue fly from am. Ghana Big chest people wen dem Dey call Macho men for Kumasi come stand eye ball to eye ball tell GUTA people say dem no get any right to lock Nigerian people shop say dem just Dey use am dey worry people , even Ghana people wen dey work for this Nigeria people no get work to do again . Na em the macho people come break all the padlock when GUTA take lock Nigerian People shop. Dem tell GUTA say if they know say na dem Papa and Dem Mama born dem make dem come lock the shop again make dem see, but as far as we know GUTA don Ben Johnson in fact GUTA run  leave their flag. As E dey so ref don blow pi pi pi between run away GUTA and our macho messiahs, we for Isalute carry 50 liters of palm wine for head take  Dey find the Macho men make we tell them see Dem too much because pikin wen say em mama no wo sleep must do night vigil. We light candle take dey look the matter , your own na to follow us for all social media platforms.

XENOPHOBIC ATTACK : GUTA/Nigerian Traders Problem Na Bomb when Wo Blow Soon If…….RANDY ABBEY


Since Tuesday na em  story come say Ghana Traders  when be (GUTA) don start to close Nigerian people store again for Kumasi, na em Isalute come dey follow all the News paper and Radio for Accra as the matter be headline news. Randy Abbey wen be the person when dey host the talk talk show wen dey come every morning for metro TV Accra come talk say this GUTA and Nigerian Trader’s matter say if them no put oil for the break make the matter stop say na Bomb wen em time dey count, em fit blow anything. The whole news paper and TV for Accra carry the matter today. I salute Media come call the Oga of Nigerian traders Union, em say make anybody no fear, Em say GUTA be like pikin wen dem spoil rotten, any small thing them begin cry. Em Say them no wo talk put because Ghana Police don dey handle the matter. Em say E be like say na because of the border wen Nigeria close na em dey

cause all this problem, But make them know say Nigeria No get border with Ghana so watin come be their problem ? Any way we dey follow the matter make una follow us for all our platforms.

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