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Breaking News : Prince Mona stand gadangba for Kogi governorship race


One fake news come out yesterday about the Pikin of the Kogi governor wen die Prince Abubakar   Audu , dem come talk say Prince Mona Audu don stop to run for the chair of oga kpatakpata for kogi state. But the man wen dey do talk talk for APC don come out talk say na lie, say em still dey run, em talk say APC for kogi dey support am no be because say na em family property but because of say em get sense and know how em wo take work for lugard house when the whole Kogi people wo happy, Em say out of the 10 children wen Prince Audu born say all of dem dey support prince Mona except two wen say dem no dey do anything wen be politics. Whether you dey, ayangba or ejule, Ankpa, Idah, Lokoja, Ajaokuta any where you dey for Kogi na to join hand make Prince Mona win the run na only there kogi wo better. Prince Mona na em stand carry APC flag for the Kogi election wen dem wo do later for the year.

Crime Alert: Robbers go attack Nigerian producer and oga for Isalute Media for Accra Ghana.


E be like say even army robber don join this Nigeria must go matter . On Monday night around 3 for midnight three robbers come one Nigerian producer house for Ghana( Austine Omon) wen also be the person wen get isalute media for Ghana. Oga Mr. Omon say em come back from studio around 1 am for midnight, drive enter , em notice one person pass but e no mind anything so em no talk to am. Austine say dem spray some thing for the house wen make every sleep, dem cut the gate carry many of property plus phones. The king with no culture producer talk say Ghana people don dey warn am for social media and dey tell am say  dem WO do am strong thing because of the way em dey write about this Nigeria and Ghana wahala. Em no know what na part of the strong thing be this . Em say make em fans no worry say thevnew movie wen em just finish dey correct nothing do am Isalute media come ask am say why em  no report for police ? Mr Omon talk say no need , em say police wo use the matter take chop e money. no forget say e never too long wen dem go rob one Nigerian actress for Ghana too princess Mimi Bala , she say money wen she spend no be small but till today she no see anything. plenty Nigeria people for Pantang say now the thing be like say na Nigeria people house dem target because every night dem must rob one Nigeria people for the area.. So we for I salute dey beg Oga police make dem shine eye for that oyarifa and dodowa road side.

Xenophobia: Ghana Traders (GUTA ) don close Nigeria people shops for Opara square for Accra down.


People dey cry for the Kumasi attack wen happen last week, Nigeria Government and Ghana dey try to solve all these wahala, many good people for Ghana don come out talk say watin dem do no good. Police come dey look nigeria people shop when dey kumasi, this Afternoon as i salute Media talk to the Oga Kpatapkata for Nigeria traders union for ghana, Chief Chukwuemeka Levis Nnaji tell isalute media say as we dey speak GUTA hold press conference talk say dem don close Opara square where Nigeria people dey sell both electionics and Home movies ( Ghana Alaba market). Say dem dey wait make GUTA finish the press conference before Nigeria people wo know watin them wo do. GUTA Secetary Mr. Shabban first talk am for Joy news say any thing wen police or Government like make them do say them bo wo stop the attack. We for i salute say make the two governments put head together make E no come be say one stick of match wen mad man spark come burn down King farm.

MUMU ALERTS: Ghana Guy advertise say em get black money , Em dey find chemical to wash am


Them true true talk say even if you carry monkey go London still monkey Na monkey . As Ghana dey hot say Nigerians dey come spoil their country, Na so one guy come Whatsapp for one Public group say Em get black money paper say em de find chemical. The guy serious well well , na there we for isalute come laugh say trouble dey sleep tolotolo dey come wake am abeg make una help am for where em wo get chemical. See the chat for under this message.

Xenophobia : Ghana Traders for Accra say them wo join Kumasi People Attack Nigerians again if……(Secetary General Of GUTA)


E be like say this wahala no wo end, After Ghana Government And Nigeria don put mouth for the wahala between ghana and nigeria, The person when dey write book for all the traders wen be Ghana people (GUTA) Mr. Shabban come talk say, Police or any body no wo fit stop them, Em talk am for Joy news yesterday for TV. Em say traders wen dey accra dey support Kumasi people, say if police try arrest any of their memebers say them wo do oshebe hey follow them. Na em the person wen dey talk the tory for TV come ask am say so una dey support the Ghana people wen dey go lock Nigeria people shops and thief thier goods ? Say una no suppose to support any bad thing.  Mr. Shabban say yes say accra traders de support the attack 100% . Em say that one self na small, say dem dey give Government 2 week to pursue the Nigeria people commot for the market or no police wo fit stop them make them say them must put law for their hand. Na him Mr Chukwudi Nnaji wen be traders union Oga Kpatapkata for ghana come talk say, police dey hear am so make them do something about am because Kumasi no be Accra , say if dem try am for Accra E no wo easy for them like Kumasi. Them say snake wen one eye see na em dey big pass, thats why i bring the video make every body see with em eye. Na PULSE news gor JOY TV bring us the Video.

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Xenophobia: Nigeria Government put Ghana Ambassador for hot seat, Force am to swear……


With all the wahala wen dey happen between Nigeria and Ghana for Kumasi, Nigerian Government come call the Oga Kpatapkata wen be the Ambassador for Ghana for Nigeria, For the meeting Nigeria talk talk person come tell am say watin de happen for Ghana na pure Xenophobia,  say another word no dey wen dem wo call am. Na em the Ambassador come talk say police don take care of the matter for Ghana. But Nigeria Government woman no gree with em she say Ghana must promise dem and swear say this kind thing no wo happen again. Na em the Ambassador swear say the thing no wo happen again. Make we no forget say na so em take happen for olden days, na Ghana first deport Nigerians na em cause that Ghana must go . Few months ago as Ghana deport Nigerians na so nigerians too deport four big Ghana men.  Now if GUTA dey talk say them want make Nigeria pay 1 million dollars before dem do business make dem no forget say more than 2 million ghana people dey live for Nigeria and dem dey do business too. Na only Nigeria you wo go see Ghana town and Ghana market for almost every state. I also hear say from next month Nigeria wan start to check the papers of people wen no be Nigerians, some thing wen dem never do gor more than 30 years. We for I salute media say “this do me i do you”  no be better thing oh, make the two Government see how them wo manage this matter because na sense dem dey take kill mosquitoe wen go position and hide himself for blokos, dem no dey stone rat wen hide for back of pot..

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Xenophobia:Before dem do business , Nigeria people must Employ 20 Ghanians and bring 1 million dollars na watin Make them Vote NPP be that…….GUTA President


With all the wahala wen dey happen for Ghana about Nigeria people wen dem close their store, Yesterday for view point for Citi TV Ghanathe Oga Kpatapkata for GUTA wen be body wen dey talk for Ghana market people don talk say According to Ghana law , Person wen no be ghana must bring 1 million America dollars come ghana before em do business and say the person must employ 20 ghana people for the business. Em say na watin make them vote for NPP be that because NPP tell them say dem wo make the law work  wen dem come . Em also talk say the reason wen dem face Nigeria people na because Nigerians be criminal and kidnappers. Na em Kaycee Ogbonna wen be person wen dey talk for Nigeria people wen dey outside talk say first of all na bad thing em talk say if those people be criminals or kidnappers dem no wo fit sit down dey sell for shop or dem no wo fold hand dey look as people dey attack them, em say many of them don marry for Ghana , born children wen pass 20 years and Ghana law talk say if you marry Ghana woman for five year then law also see you like Ghana man. Mr. Kaycee say the only reason wen dem dey worry Nigeria people na say Nigerians sabi market and how to turn money over pass the ghana people. Say dem no dey  spoil country, dem dey bring money come invest for the land. We for isalute come also put mouth for the matter because if you see china people wen get business for Ghana, dem dey carry their own people come work if dem open company, and still government dey cut tax commot for them and i never hear say dem force china man pay one million dollars before.

Ecowas also don give ghana serious warning say make dem stop that kind rough play make dem remember watin Ghana sign for paper say em wo allow ecowas memebers dey enter em country free. As we dey talk the Nigerian traders too don vex say if government no put mouth well dem no wo open their shop again. And for Nigeria we know say Ghana people na dem dey sell petty things pass i no sure say that law tie them down so Dem even get Ghana market for lagos and other places were Ghana people dey sell so make government look inside this matter because win and loose dey inside. We wo still dey follow the matter your own na to follow us.

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Xenophobia: nigeria matter take over Ghana.


Today for Ghana no be small fire, na so every body bark like dog wen born one pikin, dem bark follow the Kumasi boys wen go attack Nigerians Steal thier goods. Every TV station for Ghana today dey shake, Even for parliament sef the matter reach there wen be say our oga dem wen dey parliament say make any body no try attack Nigerians again. Na so Ghana people for Kumasi still carry oshebe hey oshebe hey enter street, dem say  Nigeria must go because dem dey sell cheaps goods take carry their costumers some ghana people wen dem interview say the reason them dey give Nigeria wahala na because say Nigerians too smart so them dey take thier work so make Government force them dey do only wholesale. The oga for traders for people wen be Nigerians say Police don come full every where but fear never let them enter their shops. But All the Nigerian Community for Ghana talk say dem no wo take this one joke say Nigeria no wo ever fold their hand make watin happen for South Africa come happen for Ghana. Parliament don call Oga Kpatapkata for Nigeria embasy say make em come make dem talk about the matter but as we dey talk oga dey Abuja make em go talk with Baba Buhari make em know how we wo take quench all this matter.

XENOPHOBIA: Ghana Police don arrest one Nigerian Professor for because …..


718988A2-07B5-42FA-B6C8-CDE629E1A2BCIsalute Media report case yesterday of Nigerians for kumasi wen Ghana People beat them and lock their shops. Na em make one Professor of English (prof. Austin Nwabara )for one of their University come gather Nigerians, come dey tell them how police take do am bad for ghana, Em talk many things say make Nigeria students no dey come Ghana university say Nigeria university dey 100 times better pass Ghana university and the high money wen Nigerians dey pay for school for ghana no be so E be for Nigeria, na so ghana people come dey talk say E dey plan to take over Ghana. But my people na the Video be this beacuse one proverb say na snake when one eye see dey big well well. Make una also watch am see whether na lie the Oga Professor talk.

Xenophobia: Nigerian Ambassador to Ghana say…….


Yesterday for  Ghana people attack many Nigerian people for Kumasi, dem lock their shops, break some head, Say Nigerians be kidnappers. And if you check social media since friday many ghana people they use #nigeria must go. Na em make our Embassy come vex call press make em tell them watin dey em mind. For the letter wen embassy send around upto say dem talk the matter for NTA Nigeria. Amb. Olufemi M. Abikoye, say E don dey very clear like 7 up say Xenophobia for Ghana dey smell small small. Amb. Abikoye talk say na Ghana media dey cause am, Dem arrest 8 people 5 be Ghana people , 3 na agbero wen dem know well well for ghana politics. But media put torch for only the 3 Nigeria people when follow them. The case of one diplomate wen dem kidnap, till today police tell us say all of them run , passport wen dem see for the house na passport when dem don change the face picture of the person. So we come take know the stick when kill fly for inside broom ?

Many other case like that when be say dem no wo even look down inside the matter well well before them carry am come TV na em de cause all this Wahala. The Oga come talk say many Nigerians dey do good businesses for Ghana so enough is enough make them stop to dey paint Nigerians bad. The whole Nigeria community vex for the matter and dem say this time dem no wo fold hand dey look like dog again. As we dey talk so the Trade union Leaders and other Oga them for Nigeria community for Ghana dey for meeting with Ambassador for the matter.

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