Some gun people wen dem dey call Niger Delta Republic Fighters don talk say make all the oyimbo wen de work for oil well , make dem commot for every land whether for water or for land for south south . Their oga kpatakpata wen em name be Maxwell Dan talk say after dem don reason the matter with all the people wen get hand for south south matter EM say dem don decide say by june 1 2019 dem wo break commot from nigeria, em say dem wo block airport na only thier jet wo fit fly, dem also talk say dem wo stop all the people wen de fetch oil and people wen de sell oil. Em say even as E bi say na south south get oil , Em 70 year old grandmama still dey work for farm before em eat. Maxwell say see as Buhari take remove south south pikin Mr. Mathew Seiyeifa wen be oga kpatakpata for DSS before. Em say another matter na Justice Walter Onoghen matter , the way dem take remove am, Maxwell Dan come warn all the oyimbo people say make dem commot from their land before 29 MAY otherwise any body wen dem catch dem wo beat am like thief. say the way wen government take de do dem , dem no like, dem dey vex because of the wuruwuru and wayo for the election, dem de vex because people dey die for nigeria say time don reach wen them wo cut south south commot from Nigeria.

As the matter de go na em Isalute come call the president of south south community for Ghana. Mr Anthony Udebor come talk say, even as E be say na south south de feed the whole Nigeria but em no believe say na to cut away wo help, the Oga come say na six state south south get, and the money wen government de give some state big pass watin some country de chop for the whole year, but watin our oga at the top dem for south south take am dey do? em say the only solution na to make sure say we open our eye for our oga at the top dem make sure say dem dey do the correct thing.

Mr. Anthony Udebor
(President South South Community in Ghana.)

We for isalute talk say make them abeg take ice water cool their heart because petrol no de quench fire.

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