Nigeria Journalist wen dey stay for Ghana, Samuel D. Omokhape AKA smile baba talk say if na because of credit card matter dem dey carry Naira Marley go court na em be say EFFC no get work be that, Samuel wen don work for many radio station for Ghana before em come open em own media wen dem de call S24 digital. The oga kpatakpata of Smile foundation talk say if you be business man and people dey pay you with credit card , then E no be crime to see the information for your computer. Em come talk say if na for only credit matter EFCC dey carry Naira Marley dey go court then, government for scatter EFCC pack all the men take go fight boko haram. Oga Smile come para say E be like say any media person wen talk about government EFCC wo carry witch take follow the person. Em say any Judge wen try jail Naira Marley , that Judge be part of the wahala wen nigeria dey face. Smile write am put for em face book page this morning. No forget say na 14 days be this wen EFCC go arrest Naira Marley after em sing one song say if no be yahoo yahoo boys money for dey go from Obasanjo to Tunibu say E no wo reach you and me hand, thats why smile dey ask EFCC say dem must talk who send dem to jail Naira say this credit card matter dem just dey use am cover face.

NO forget say wo de follow this matter as E dey hot.


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