The Oga Kpatakpata for Nigeria when dem de call president M. Buhari, travel last week go London, before em travel, house of assembly and other people for Nigeria when de look inside government matter come talk say oga Buhari no hand over give the man wen dey follow am for back, (Vice President Yemi Osibanjo). Plenty people for Nigeria come de complain say dem no know the really reason wen make am travel whether na to go hospital for there abi na business em go do, but as em travel many many things don happen for em back, E come be like say dem ring bell give kidnappers say baba don travel oh…..many people don die for zamfara state, the road when dem de follow go kaduna don turn saraka for kidnappers with thief people . We even hear say dem don kidnap one of buhari family member and one oga when de work for government for kastina state.

Senator Shehu even talk say now even people when de sell charm de fear to follow road say na train every body come de follow now. Na em make people for Zamfara come enter street de sing ” oshebe hey, oshebe hey” and dem say dem no wo commot until buhari don talk put for the matter.

We our self for Isalute media de beg oga at the top say this blood wen de flow like water for Nigeria no good at all. Make em find way take stop am because e de spoil Nigeria name well well.

Zamfara people no de smile with buhari at all
Zamfara take “OSHEBE HEY” take welcome buhari


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