The Nigerian High commissioner and members of the Nigerian communities in Ghana disclosed that all 541 persons that were in the Ghana Deportation camp have been released unconditionally.
A few days ago Nigerians numbering 541 who were invited to Ghana by an employment agency were arrested and placed in a deportation camp in Aflao, Volta Region of Ghana for not having traveling documents. Another 300 was also raided in Kasoa for allegations of armed robberies and other criminal activities. Unfortunately not even a kitchen knife was recovered from suspects. Police claimed to have retrieved dried leaves, laptops and phones. After a whole week of trying to shop for charges against these Nigerians in vain, The police have decided to process them to court for violating immigration  laws.

After a viral video of their suffering showed up on social media,
The Nigerian Mission swiftly jumped into action. Through diplomatic pressure, they were able to negotiate the release of all persons. Some of them decided to go home voluntarily while others were vetted and allowed to return to their normal lives in Ghana.
Another 300 Nigerians arrested in Kasoa have 50% of them also released.
We can say with authority that none of the arrested persons has links with the prison break in Nigeria or connected to any ritual killings in Ghana.

As the mission is doing its best for the interest of Nigerians, Nigerians in Ghana are advised to stay law-abiding, Note that the Nigerian High Commission in collaboration with the Nigerian communities is on top of the situation.
They also remind Ghana immigration that they can not prosecute our citizens for flaunting immigration laws.
We in Isalute Media will be closing up on the issue because it seems like history is about to repeat itself.


  1. May God bless the leadership of our high commission
    Enough is enough! The only crime one commit in Ghana is to bear that name a Nigerian! In Ghana, ghana police will nock at your door and ask if you are a Nigerian! If it’s yes, you are under arrest and the next thing is were is your laptop!
    Justice has not been working in favor of the Nigerians in Ghana! In my new approach here in Ghana I bought a container which as at the time I came for it the one who sold it for me claimed it was no longer mine even with the receipt in my hand ! But all the Ghana could do was to ask me if I’m a Nigerian, after the yes response the case changed and was ignored which I was later asked to go and bring the person! This will never happen to a Ghanian in Nigeria.
    God bless the leadership of high commission for standing for the freedom of Nigerians in Ghana


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