In the heat of which zone gets the presidential ticket, in what looks like a royal rumble, it will interest you to note that there are people from the North, hausas who would prefer a western president.

It was a busy Monday at the UTAKO taxi park, around the Jabi area of Abuja, As people walked hurriedly, trying to meet up with the pressure that accompanies Monday morning. A friend of mine who was supposed to pick me, gave me a call to inform me of a situation which means he will not be coming for me. My attempt to get an Uber service was challenged by the network. As I I turned my eyes from my phone in frustration, looking to my right side I saw some taxis parked,  walked fast as I could, I have a meeting to catch up on a Monday morning, that was the only thing on my mind. I approached the only empty cab I saw stationed. Abeg carry me go area 10 I spoke in pidgin English. I opened the back door sat in, only for me to hear a calm voice, ”Oga no vex, I no dey work today” As I step down wanting to unleash some words of insult, I saw something that caught my interest on first sight. A hat with the inscription (Tinubu 2023). As a journalist, I know every thing else can wait when a news is found. I am Obviously no longer in a hurry, I got closer to him looking at his cap and what is written on it, as I removed the cap from his head to get a better view, a group of young men who have been playing draft and minding their business for a while turns towards our direction hailing him  Jagaban Jagaban!!!.

Yes meet Muhammad a taxi driver in Abuja from Adamawa state.

” looking at Tinubu passion on building a national cohesion, his quest to help others get to the top from across the nation, his public empowerment initiative even not in government, his understanding and loyalty to PMB amongst other factors

He therefore, view him as someone if giving the chance to lead this country will do well taking from how he lifted the bars in Lagos and sacrifice Tinubu did put in bringing Lagos to where it is now

For that reason again, he will support him wherever he went, and he is going to be taking half price of transport fare from any passenger who board his taxi and is a lover of Tinubu

Furthermore, he assure of getting not less than 10,000 votes for Tinubu if he gets the ticket to represent any political party come 2023 inshalahu through his convincing engagement and discount his passengers will be enjoying

I love him, and will be his number one supporter everywhere I’m,

That’s why people call me the “Jagaban” of taxi drivers around Abuja metropolis

Finally, he said any party that gives Tinubu their ticket will win come 2023.

Muhammad who have been nick named jagaban, courtesy of his open and aggressive love for the former Lagos state governor and political mountain, the real jagaban, Bola AHMED Tunibu. when I querried him this is what he has to say about the man he thinks should be the next president of the federal republic of Nigeria.

His Excellency should be aware of a man who has already started his 2023 presidential campaign.





Narrated by : Mark Iyodo.

A journalist based in ACCRA Ghana.











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