Na 3 days ago we wake up hear say Army them wen carry gun don surrender Daar communication, na Darr get AIT television and Ray power FM. Government come say dem don march line, them go show something when dem no suppose show. And other matter wen make them close am down. Na em the Oga Kpatapkata of Daar Raymond Dokoesi come carry people do osebe hei , dem come enter Abuja dey sing we no wo gree oo we no wo gree. Na there the people when get sky digital for london come commot NTA for the world TV, court come say before them close thier eye open make dem go put AIT back sharp sharp. Every body come dey bark like dog dey say na watin  be this ? But E get one plattorm wen Loaded mama get for ghana, where Nigerians when dey Ghana dey talk thier mind,No be small petrol and fire for the group APC people say na so PDP first take close Channels TV so na do me i do you make any body no vex. But na yesterday we hear say dem don open AIT again. And since them open E never reach 24 hours more than 20 million people don look the TV as we dey talk. But we wen we dey I Salute media say whether na so we wo dey dey ? Because PDP do then APC wo do, if PDP come them wo also say na so APC first do. Time don reach make we call Call watin bite yesterday night mosquitoes make we face the wahala wen dey ground. Media no be wahala, the wahala na the people wen carry gun de kill our people.

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  • na we dey bring the torri as E dey hot.


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