Anthony Joshua, wen be world heavy weight champion for blows, last weekend go meet Nigeria Oga kpatakpata, Oga Buhari, Na so em lie down for ground flat as proper Ijebu man wen em be, Na to show say no matter how wood stay inside water em no fit turn crocodile. Like M.I talk. Because say cat dey swim no make am cat fish. Thank you UK people una Don try for am but na proper Nigerian, make una stop that British born Nigerian because if na Mohammed wen try to blow aroplane now or Uche wen carry Cocain una for remove the british call am Nigerian man with a British passport. God bless you AJ for the respect wen you give our Baba. Okro no de grow pass who plant am. No forget say Tony collect all em belt back after em almost take blow shift Ruiz face last month for Saudi Arabia, Na em E carry come show baba.FR


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