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HRM AMB. J Ihenatu , E-Money , Elumelu bags Champion News Paper 2021 award of Excellence


His Royal Majesty Eze Chukwudi Jude Ihenetu joins other notable Nigerians to be awarded today with the Champion News Paper 2021 Prestigious Awards. The Eze Ndi Igbo in Ghana is being recognized for humanitarian services rendered both at home and in Ghana, among other things are; Water projects in rural communities in Ghana, Sponsorship, and funding of social and entertainment programs, Food programs, and distribution of palliatives during the Covid – 19 lockdown, Widow and Orphan feeding project, Rescue and assistance to over five hundred Nigerians marked out for deportation in Ghana 2021, the list is endless. The CEO of Fruito Ghana limited and the founder of Eze Ndi Igbo Foundations will join personalities like, Speaker of Abia State House of Assembly, Rt Hon Chinedum Enyinnaya Orji MNSE who also bagged an award as THE MOST OUTSTANDING SPEAKER OF THE YEAR 2021 in recognition of his sterling leadership qualities and service to the people.

The award which is coming from another reputable national media organization, Champion Newspapers Ltd, will hold on Friday, June 3, 2021, at the prestigious Eko Hotels and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Other recipients of the Champion Newspapers awards are the Governor of Borno State, Babagana Zulum, E-Money, Prince Ned Nwoko, NDLEA Chairman, and Brig. Gen. Buba Marwa, Rt Hon Ndudi Elumelu among others.

ISALUTE MEDIA TEAM will be on ground for a live coverage @ Youtube IsaluteTV

M.P : Ghana Gov. Spending 5.2 M GHC In Rebuilding The Demolished Nigerian Mission Building.


In the wake of the demolition of The Bulgarian embassy in Accra, and the issues surrounding the case in parliament, Hon. Samuel Okuzeto Ablakwa, The M.P representing North Tongu Constituency in the Volta region in a comment on Metro TV Good morning Ghana has claimed that the Ghana Government is spending over 5.2 million Ghana cedis in rebuilding the Nigerian building that was demolished a few years ago.

He said and I quote ” Currently the government is spending 5.2 million Ghana Cedis in rebuilding the Nigerian mission house which was pulled down by unknown persons, Nigerians did not take it lightly, it was a call for war, Their senate was asking the Executive to retaliate, it took the president Nana Addo to personally go to apologize to his brother President Buhari and Promised to replace the building, till date no one has been charged or is it because the Bulgarians do not bring us war like the Nigerians?

Like the Nigerian mission house, the Bulgarians woke up one morning to see their embassy pulled down and a project is going on at the site of the demolished embassy.

I salute  media can confirm that the Nigerian Mission building is at the last stage of completion and 100 % funded by the Ghana Government.

Sokoto Killing : Activist List Recent Killings in Ghana As Nigeria Mourns Deborah.


Killings and insecurity are serious issues in West Africa, Last week the lynching of a Christian student girl in Sokoto and Subsequent rioting by the youth of the same community caused heavy dust not only above the west African region but the world at large.

While Media persons in Ghana are seriously adding their voices to the issue in Sokoto, in the same week the national security announced a possible terrorist attack in Ghana making churches beef security with policemen and civil guards, The same week a minister announced the kidnap and adoption of some Ghanaians at the Malian border, The same week youths of Nkoranza started a protest against the police for the killing of a young man.

The protests on Tuesday followed the killing of a 27-year-old suspect by police during an operation targeting armed robbery suspects in the area.

“In the Bono East Region, police gathered intelligence that a suspect, Albert Donkor, and a gang of five other suspected armed robbers, whose names are being withheld for investigation purposes, were involved in several armed robbery attacks in the region, including armed robbery attacks at Nkoranza on April 19 and 20.

Oliver Baker Vormawor, An activist and convener of #fixthecountry in Ghana has called out the police force and the government as follows.

below is the extract of his post on Facebook

Today let me share the things on my mind. I’m a bit emotional so it may come off disconnected or full of typos.

Our society does not value Ghanaian lives. And that’s something that deeply pains me.

1. Remember when Ghanaians were burnt to death by fire at a circle after the rains? The dead bodies were loaded on the back of a pickup truck. On top of each other. Nobody bags. I was in the US at the time. I was shocked by humanity.

2. Remember when the Taadi girls were killed. The head of Police CID, Tiwaa Danquah went on national tv to promise that they have been found, alive!
It was a lie. Nothing happened to her. She did not resign. She now heads Eoco. The parents are still traumatized to date.

3. Remember when Ahmed Suale was shot dead? After a Member of Parliament went on national TV to reveal the picture of the investigative journalist? Nothing happened. No demonstrations. Kennedy Agyapong was “promoted” to now head the Defence and Interior Committee of Parliament, overlooking police budgetary issues and all law enforcement matters.

4. Remember when 7 young boys were murdered by Police and they claimed that they were armed robbers? Nothing happened when it was found out that the police lied. No national outrage. No single person at the top resigned.

5. When Ejura youth was murdered. Right on our screens. National TV. Not a single thing. We did eih eih eih in our rooms. No single person has been prosecuted.

6. When 11 people were killed during elections. We moved on. No single person took responsibility. A high-ranking parliamentarian called them armed robbers.

7. Two MPs have been killed. Not a single person is in jail so far.

8. When Major Mahama was killed, we built a statue for him but failed to give him justice. That trial is still ongoing. At some point, the judge threatened to throw it out because the prosecution wasn’t showing up in Court.

9. Ebenezer Dosu was arrested and kept in Ashaiman cells without food and refused medical attention. He died!

10. Albert Donkor was taken out of his cell and shot dead. His mother went to the Police station to see him writing his statement. He was killed by the time she returned in 2hours. She was told he was being held at 5 different police stations for three weeks. When he had been killed immediately after she left the Police station. Albert saw police officers committing robbery and reported to the police. Friends of the robbers, and they killed him. He died a whistleblower. For days we talked about it. Nothing happened.

11. Just like Kaaka, after Nkoranza youth, protested, they have now been shot dead. Just like Ejura, Ghanaians have moved on.

12. A taxi driver died in police cells, in Sekondi. The police claimed he hanged himself. A pathologist has told the Court his oesophagus was intact, and that he could not have died as the police claim. We will move on.


With Enough being said we will all agree there is a Mensah in every Nation, As such, it is wise for media persons in each country to remove the logs in our eyes so we can see the dust in the eyes of other people. Instead of using the whole energy and TV space and airtime to show and talk about the issues happening in far away Sokoto, while we have similar killings yet to uncover, is a serious waste of time and resources.

I Come In Perfect Peace !!!


War as Nigerians in Ghana Selects President Without Congress or Elections .


The All Nigerian Community
A.K.A (ANC) is the umbrella arm of all Nigerians in Ghana. Duly registered with the government of Ghana as an association in the name of Alhaji Saliu Mohammed, Chief Moses Owaru and Chief Luis Okorie.
ANC is subdivided into four, The Arewa Community, The Igbo Community, South-south Comunity, and Yoruba Community.
During the time of Ambassador Micheal Abikoye, a rotational 2 years tenor was installed, The first tenor was enjoyed by the Hausa community which saw Alhaji Saliu Mohammed Emerging as president by selection and chief Luis Okorie as Vice. A two-year tenor was billed to expire in November of 2021 after which there must be a congress of all Nigerians leading to elections.
Somewhere in 2020 After the departure of Amb. Abikoye, president Saliu Mohammed traveled out of the country for a health review. Chief Luis Okorie took over the leadership as acting president. Since then Nigerians have been suffering like sheep without a shepherd.
From the pulling down of the Nigerian mission house to the forever locking of Nigerian shops to the killing of more than 8 Nigerians in 2021 to Nigerians being packed like sardines by immigration, the addition of passport fees to no passport booklets. So much has happened to the ordinary Nigerian on the street of ACCRA.
As we speak it’s 4 years on, no congress has been held, and the same outgoing executives are at war with themselves, with the current vice president who has ruled as acting president for almost two years wanting to succeed himself as president without Congress or elections. All other executives are also struggling to succeed themselves without elections.

In October 2021 trouble broke out on the ANC national platform when members began raising questions on how thousands of cedis raised by Nigerians for the inauguration of ANC were spent. ( Which led to the permanently Disabling the platform to stop members agitation) The executives claiming that they have accounted to the High Commission as such no one can force them to account to the people, a situation most people see as hiding behind the mission to cover up their deeds. The Nigerian people who donated money deserve to see the report because it wasn’t the High commission that donated the money but the people .
After several petitions from the Nigerian people yet again they have decided to select leaders without congress which was agreed upon by the BOTs and the Ambassador years ago. All communities submitted their candidates without congress of any kind. The big question is how many people where present during this selections? In a country with over 4 million Nigerians, how do less than 20 people sit somewhere and elect leaders? The push and pull in the Igbo community is a clear indication of a lack of consultation from the real Nigerians in Ghana.
The mission must read the handwriting on the war and smell the danger of forcing 8 people on
4 million people without their consent and approval.

This is opposite to what the BOTS and Amb. MICHEAL Abikoye agreed in their infinite wisdom which made it clear that there should be a congress after the first 2 years for Nigerians to elect whoever they want.
The Nigerians in ACCRA and Nigerians back home can now understand why your brothers are being killed without justice? Why the cost of a passport is increasing? The system is tailored in such a way that before you get help from the Nigerian embassy in Ghana you must pass through ANC. Then being forced to ask, which ANC? The one without a leader for 2 years or the ones that are busy fighting to succeed themselves?
Like the saying goes “ Fish dey start to rotten from the head “
When you see a Nigerian man on the street misbehaving don’t blame him, he is just a political orphan.
The Chairman of the Diaspora commission must put a big searchlight in Ghana to avoid what happened in Senegal a few years back because “goat no dey bite no be when you put hand for inside em mouth”.
Don’t forget that the people u saw demonstrating in ACCRA during end sars are just 1 % of angered Nigerians living in Ghana.

I come in peace!!!

Two Ghanaian Brothers Who Robbed And Gun Down Nigerian Traders Sentenced.



Two Ghanian brothers Atitso Korshie and Wisdom Dzeke were jailed at the Denu Magistrate Court Last week for Robbing and shooting Nigerian traders in the Denu, Aflao community.

Reading their charges in the open court (Denu Magistrate Court), the two brothers reportedly attacked some Nigerian traders with Pistols and machetes. Unluckily, they stole only 250 Ghana cedis in the house. In the cause of the robbery, they also inflicted Gunshot and machete wounds on their victims.

Shouts by the victims attracted the attention of neighbors who appeared at the scene. They managed to physically arrest Atitso Korshie who mentioned the name of his brother Wisdom Dzeke.

Justice Joseph Ofosu Behome handed them twenty years each (40 years in all) for engaging in the armed robbery.

This is a case of human-biting a dog, there have been comments coming from the Ghana media and even M.Ps and Police personnel which suggest that most robberies in Ghana are carried out by Nigerians. A presenter at NET2 TV stated it clearing that 100’s of armed  Robbers are brought from Nigeria to rob in Accra every weekend.

With the new turn of events where police are been arrested and killed left and right for different cases of robberies, and most recently, Nigerians are now targets and victims of robberies and burglaries, I don’t think the Nigerian man can still be accused of these robberies.

while the Nigerian community applauds the effort of the police and Court, we want to remind them of a case in Ashaiman where one Sunday Olish a trader was shot dead and his car snatched.

Despite recovering the car and the robbers apprehended

A known political Security and Youth Leader for that matter was involved.

Nothing has been heard for almost  2 years.  Fast Justice in the Volta region should also be fast Justice in other regions.

I come in Peace !!!


story credit – Opera news.


(VD )Disturbing Videos Of Celebrities Sleeping With Dogs and snakes For Cash…


Videos have emerged of people alleged to be celebrities sleeping with Dogs and Snakes for cash. This is coming in the wake of a confession made by a girl about

how she has been sleeping with dogs for 1.3 million a night for 30 days.

After watching these videos you will agree with me that Sodom and Gomorrah did not commit any crime.




Ghana Epic Film Breaks Generational Jinxes In Nollywood Cinema.


From Football to Music and now Films, The bonding between Ghana and Nigeria may not end anytime soon. In an era where there has been so much discussion about Ghana breaking into the Nigerian Entertainment Industry, A great milestone has been achieved as the first Ever Ghanian Epic story hits 24 Cinemas all over Nigeria from 15th April 2022.

Ogbozo The taboo Kingdom features Ghana and American stars with a Nigerian Director/Producer. Stars like Ama K Abrebese, Roslyn Ngissa, Don K Yamoah, Bisamark Nii Odoi, Andrew Adote, Emmanuel France, Nana Yaa Agyare and Many more.

Shot in the Volta Region of Ghana and Arizona U.S.A, Ogbozo tells the story of Slavery, Female genital mutilation, and other forms of African Taboos. Written & Directed By the President of Nollywood Ghana Chapter (DESTINY AUSTIN OMON ). Produced By DMF  Productions, Financed By Destiny Austine Omon Of DMF in Collaboration with Dr. Arvind Chowdhary Kumar Of 9RAS Productions India and Wande Faye USA.

Ogbozo will be in the Following Cinemas In Nigeria.


Silverbird uyo,
Silverbird Galleria Lagos,
Vicolad Lagos, Exodus Benue, Annabel Lagos, Citadel Uromi Edo ,
Pepperoni phc,
Wondercity Auchi,
Mcrystal Sango,
Mcrystal Ijebu,
Mcrystal Auchi,
Oopl Abeokuta ,
G2G osun,
Timsed Osun,
Magnificent Lagos,
Nostalgia cinemas,
Vinmilan cinemas owerri,
Ace cinemas Oyo,
Ace Cinemas Bodija, Heritage cinemas Lagos.

A movie that has already broken the Ghana Movie Award’s record of 19 Nominations, winning  Several awards. Rated as one of the best  African Epic Film Ever, Nigerian Fans are assured of thills and a great moment of an action-packed epic story.



Nigerian Passport Renewal In Ghana Hits 150 Dollars.



Nigerians in Ghana are facing the hardest time of their lives as the cost of having legitimate documents to reside in Ghana has skyrocketed over the last few months.

Nigerians doing business in Ghana require 500 dollars for the annual renewal of a residence permit, 120 dollars for a Ghana Card, and  900 ghana Cedis for a Medical checkup. While a Ghanian in Nigeria pays #7,000 (70ghc ) for a permit in Nigeria.

These concerns have been raised in several diplomatic meetings between both countries, it was at the center stage when the Vice President and The Speaker of the Nigerian Parliament visited ghana.

During the arrival of the New Deputy High Commissioner Amb. Hamza Yusuf Gambo and several meetings gave the Nigerian community hope that things will change.

This hope is in the balance as Nigerians are seeing an increase in the renewal of 32-page passports from 780 Ghana Cedes to 1,200 Ghana cedes in a space of three months. While Ghana Passport cost GH₵640 Ghana Cedis.

Meanwhile, the official price for a 64-page Nigerian passport with a 10-year validity period in Nigeria is N70,000, while that with five years validity is N35,000. Applicants for the new 32-page passport with a five-year validity period are to pay N25,000.

Most Nigerian traders as we speak still have their shops closed. The last time our foreign minister visited he complained about how difficult it is to help Nigerians because they don’t have legal papers, But how can an average Nigerian selling in the circle market or an actor who is struggling to survive cough out all these amounts to get a legal document in ghana ?

An inquiry by isaluteonline.com from the mission confirms the addition of 20 dollars for administrative charges instructed from Abuja.

When I called the immigration Officer in charge of passports, his response was that ” We did not force anyone without money to come and renew their passport ” Yes what do you expect? all Nigerian diplomats, banking staffs, and expatriates always have their documents sorted out by the companies or ministries they represent, Their houses are sorted even before their arrival in Ghana, The police and immigration will never knock at their doors, Most of them receive salaries quoted in dollars or Naira so they have no problem with the depreciation of Ghana Cedis, No problem if passport and permit are 1 million dollars.   Like the proverb says ” Pikin Wen dem carry for back no know say road far ” If I were in their shoes it would have been easy to tell others ” We are not forcing anyone to renew their passports ”

It is now understood why other governments can look us in the face and extort us because before knocking a boy in his father’s presence you are too sure of his father’s weakness.


As we speak people have paid and submitted monies since November without passport booklets insight, Ghana to dollar rate keeps increasing.

Do you now see one of the reasons why  the young ones gets agitated and destroys your stadium?

My only question to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Nigerian Government is ” ARE WE STILL NIGERIANS “?







Power Did Not Go Off During Black Star Training…DR. Randy Abbey


A video suggesting power went off during Black star training at the MKO Abiola Stadium Abuja, Has been trending since yesterday with a section of Ghanaians mocking Nigeria for their electricity problem.  Some think it’s a deliberate attempt to demoralize the black star team, Media persons who were at the stadium have come out to say otherwise, with Ghana Fans not taking any of those.

This morning, Dr. Randy Abbey, the host of Good Morning Ghana, on Metro TV, echoed the claims of the Nigerian media. He said and I quote ” People are just exaggerating things, Ghana has trained for the Minimum One Hour allocated to an away team, by FIFA Before the lights were put off.


(Host Good Morning Ghana On METRO TV)

A media person at the stadium had this to say “Ghanaians were allowed to train for the mandatory one hour, after which those in charge of pitch maintenance were expected to maintain the pitch for the matchday but they refused to leave. Even the caf officials pleaded with them but they still refused and then the light went off, so who is to be blamed.”?

I salute Media can Authoritatively say Abuja does not have a power problem, Despite other states facing Power challenges in Nigeria.

Ghana Vs Nigeria Game kicks off at 5:00 PM Nigerian Time & 4:00 PM Ghana Time.




Nigerian Govt. Employs More Tactics In An Attempt To Reach Qatar 2022


The day for the most anticipated ‘ Jollof Derby’ WCQ GHANA VS NIGERIA 2022 is finally here.

When the president of NFA (Nigeria Football Association ) Mr. Amaju Pinnick said in an interview that whatever Ghana does Nigeria will do it three times, People called him bluff but it seems like the Nigeria government is not leaving any stone unturned in making sure the super eagles progresses to the world cup.

Yesterday the Federal Government of Nigeria announced that all offices and businesses must close by 1:00  PM to enable fans to move to the airport.

The transport ministry has also donated 100  buses that will convey fans from every corner of the FCT.


The sports Ministry Donated 20,000 free tickets to fans, Gov. Orji Uzor Kalu donated 5,000 tickets, The different political parties also bought for their supporters. As it stands, The MKO Abiola 60,000 Capacity stadium is sold out for tonight’s game.

With free tickets,  free transport, and half-day work we hope to see full capacity and hope the 12th player of the game can influence the game in their favor. Once again the Nigerian people have shown patriotism, forgetting security, tribes, religion, and politics in the fight against a common enemy.

Football is a game of 90 mins, not until the last whistle every one is still a potential winner.