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Ghana Immigrations deports 500 Nigerians invited & Scammed by a Ghana registered Employment company .



Last week there was so much buzz around the media , 500 Nigerians were arrested in Bolga in Upper West region of Ghana. They were deported to the Aflao border without finding out how they got here and who brought them .

Speaking to the chairman of NIgerian traders union in Bolga and Chairman Igbo community in upper East Region  , Mr Eugene said they supported  the deportation as many of the people wanted to go . Some that were not arrested during the raid even came themselves that they wanted to leave .

Information gathered is that a company Q-NET, registered in Ghana brought these innocent souls to Ghana promising them jobs of 250 dollars a week in a gold mining company. On arrival , they ask victims to pay 4000 – 7000 Ghana cedes. They are then placed in a room of over 20 people At a point they are now asked to bring two people before they can be paid. The victims will be taken to big hotels, take pictures and make video calls with wine on the table to convince people back in Nigeria that all is well so they should come. Below Pictures of  wounds and injuries melted on victims who try to protest or ask questions.



Q-NET Ghana limited is registered in Ghana as an employment agency , The company is owned by three  Burkinabes , two Ghanaians. They also have 2 Nigerians among them who helps in facilitating the illicit business.

Below are profiles of the company owners.


The Nigerian Community in Upper West laments that since last year , We petitioned police district command on 2nd Nov. 2020 .We Copied to Regional police command, Regional Immigration command and our National secretariats. but no action .

The victims were becoming nuisances to them of course, a hungry man is an Angry man. They called in the police hoping they will arrest the owners of Q-net and get them to pay these Nigerians some money to be able to leave.

That was why the Nigerian Community in Bolga then asked immigration to step in to clear the streets. As you can see on this video,  some were happy going back home despite loosing monies some of which was acquired from selling landed properties.

As we speak these innocent soul are left in the rain and sun without shelter at the Aflao border .

The only crime these innocent Nigerians committed is trying to get a job in Ghana, while the owners of Q-Net are working freely enjoying their loot.

We in I-salute want to ask do Nigeria still have a government  ?

If yes why will our citizens be going through hell in other Ecowas countries while you use their task payers money to fund the maltreatment of your citizens abroad …how do you feel seeing your children been packed with police and immigration cars donate  to Ghana by Nigerian Government? How do you feel funding Ecowas states where your citizens cannot walk in ? How do you feel allowing 7 of your banks bring in Nigerian money to boost an economy the country are locking up the shops of your citizens who also deserve to earn a living the way other Nationals  are freely earning a living in Nigeria ?   How do you feel giving out electricity for credit when you don’t have enough for your people  yet same people are deporting and maltreating your citizens ? They say charity begins at home,  but our own charity has travelled abroad.

there are 4 million Nigerians officially and Legally living in Ghana . That is a country in another country.

For now I will reserve my Ink .


Ogbozo breaks Jinx as first Ghana Movie To Hit Nigerian Cinema.


Cinemas are still closed in Ghana, but the producers of Ogbozo would not just sit and watch their Thousands of dollars go down the drain, They have fought hard to break the long old Jinx of a Ghana film never seen on the Nigerian big screens.

Ogbozo a film produced by DMF productions Ghana in Association with RAS production India and Wande Faye USA, Enjoyed Technical screening in Ghana on 7 th of November 2020.

A screening that hosted the head and staff of the Nigerian Mission in Ghana, UN representation, Diaspora African Foundation was represented, His royal highness HRM Chukwudi Ihenetu chaired the occasion.

The President of the National Film Authority, Actors Guild chairman, and other filmmakers were present to put a score on the movie.

The President of NFA described Ogbozo as a pacesetter to lead Ghana films to the world.

Ogbozo has led the way after breaking the Ghana Movie Awards Record by bagging 19 nominations.

Yet again another record has been made, Ogbozo becomes the first Ghana film to hit the Nigeria screens. Ogbozo Screens in 11 cinemas in Lagos and 2 Cinemas outside Lagos as listed below.

Ogbozo showing Across these Cinemas.

1. Vicolad Cinema (Lagos)

2.Marturion (Lagos)

3. Nostalgea (Lagos)

4. Timsed (Lagos)

5. G2G (Lagos)

6. M crystal (Lagos)

7. Annabel (Lagos)

8. Pepperoni (Lagos)

9.Magnificent (Lagos)

10. Ooop (Lagos)

11.Citadel . (Lagos)

12. Mcrystal (Abeokuta)

13. McCrystal (Ore )

Ogbozo is Directed by Destiny Austine Omon. Shot in Ghana and USA featuring Ghana, Nigerian and American Actors.

A Film that has been scored as the biggest epic movie ever shot in Africa, This Masterpiece is a must-watch.

Triller below.

Triller below.



Arrest Of 9 Nigerian Jail Breakers Fake!!!

Ghana airwaves have been in panic mode since the news of arrested Imo jailbreakers.
News is an intentional attempt to mislead the masses, with an agenda to set Nigerians living in Ghana up for xenophobic attacks by ordinary Ghanaians.
We will recall in 2018, similar propaganda and series of fake news watered and fertilized the land of hate in the heart of the people before the crusade of closing Nigerian shops, pulling down of the Nigerian mission house in ACCRA, and another open attack on Nigerians which lasted until Covid – 19 locked down eased the situation a bit.
Nigerians were arrested for border trespass, Among them are a married couple and other girls.
Nigeria government through the high commission in Ghana have not submitted any list of wanted person to Ghana Authorities, The people arrested have passports, how do jailbreakers acquire a passport in no time.
The Nigerian community in Ghana has put a check after a visit to the suspects, They do not match any history of prison escapees.
The Nigerian government will be so happy to deport and receive them if they are jailbreakers but trying to bank on our situation for selfish interest will no longer be condoned.
The Ghana police or Immigrations do not have any evidence to suggest they are escapes and have denied given any information in that regard.
All media houses propagating such hate with baseless media war and fake news must desist henceforth or be faced with legal battle from the Nigerian community, The spoke person of the Nigerian In Diaspora Organization NIDO in a telephone conversation promised legal action against people crusading hate agenda against Nigerians.
The president of the Nigerian traders Union in Ghana in a telephone conversation said it is not just fake news, it is a media war Nigeria must be ready to fight and win.
A spoke person Of All Nigerian Communities Ghana also registered his displeasure, ” We will no longer fold our hands and look while the image of Nigeria is been thrown in the mud” Chief Akintola said.
A press conference scheduled by the Nigerian Mission in Ghana for today was pushed for the arrival and welcoming of the New Deputy Ambassador who arrived in the country today.
While we wait for an official press conference, Nigerians are asked to remain calm, with no cause for panic as all Nigerian bodies are on top of the matter.
Media houses are cautioned to seek guidance before helping to trend such news on Nigerians abroad.

A Nigerian Child in Accra rescued from a Ghanaian Ritualist.

Stephen Odokor
The kidnaper…


video of his arrest at the scene above .

A little girl born to a Nigerian parent living at ablekuma Fan milks almost lost their daughter to a ritualist by the Name Stephen odokor . Mr. odokor  lives one kilometer away from the scene of the incident.

The child that was Kidnapped



A married man with 5 children, owns a Barbing shop at Santa Maria. A man claiming to be his pastor said he has been operating that shop for 12 years.

on that faithful day, the little girl was outside their home which is close to the main road, Mr. Odokor  had an Uber car waiting on the main road, he has  a towel wrapped around his waist, He suddenly started leading the child away who was playing  around the house. According to the Father of the child Mr. Ben, “the girl hardly follows anyone since she is their only child, she is not used to many people” he said in tears.

The wife’s sister saw from afar Mr. Donkor Leading the child away, she screamed, Mr. Odokor  started running with the child, The market people around chased him, then he threw the child into a ditch to continue his run, making her sustain several bruises. he was Apprehended by the mob. He was taken to a police station , according to a statement recorded directly from Mr. Donkor, he was in police cells for above one week Before he paid 1200 Ghana cedis and was released, the case has gone to court, The prosecution pleads with the court  to take Mr. Donkor for mental examination, claiming Mr. Odokor  is insane.

He has since been working freely while the parent of the child is fighting hard to save the life of the child.

The police have advised the parent of the child to go settle out of court.

1. We now have mad men who have a license to kidnap and kill.

2. His pastor and 1 other have been given him so much support and assistance which raises some suspicions.

3. The suspect said he is sane he only took Akpeteshi a night before yet the police are forcing us to believe he is a mad man.

4. A mad man that lives with 5 children and a wife…

5. If the child was a Ghanaian and the Suspect a Nigerian will we have been singing the same song.
5. He also claimed the police never visited his house, which means no need for investigation as far she is a Nigerian child.

6. Angel TV aired the news once, since it is not a Nigerian kidnapping a Ghana child, the news must not be allowed to fly.

7. Who has been sponsoring the bail and hotel bills? Cos the shop is not worth 1000 Ghc .

8. The suspect is also ready to pay if the case goes out of court.

Maybe we just caught the messenger without know who sent him…

The suspect has agreed to the fact that he kidnapped the child under the influence of Alcohol he said, he also said he is under pressure for a loan he took, (use your tongue ) to count your teeth)  police tells him shut up you are a mad man, it is the Nigerians with big cars in Kasoa that are kidnappers and ritualist.

This man was arrested with the child in hand, for him to be roaming the streets, getting supports of pastors, church members numbering 5 was at his house when our team visited. Still dishing out 50 Ghc notes

The earlier we stop tickling ourselves and laughing, the better for us all.

I come in peace!!!


Takoradi Girls : 60 YRS Old Bone Not Our Daughter’s,We need DNA ….Parents


A few weeks Ago two Nigerians were sentenced to death by hanging, Verdict passed by a Ghana High Court judge Justice Adjei Frimpong.
The case seems to have taken another turn, The families of the four girls have come out to protest the evidence with which The two suspects – Samuel Udoetuk Wills and John Orji – were convicted .

Mrs. Josephine Amu speaking for the families of the girls in a press conference lamented the fact that families have still not been presented with a DNA test in a case that became a national issue 2 years on.

She insisted that if the police are sure of their report, they should furnish the families with the details of the DNA test conducted.

The Father of one of the girls (  Priscilla Bentum) Mr. Francis Bentum was also quoted in a statement published on Ghanaweb.com as saying,

“When the police came to pick evidence in our house was it by a court order. When we had to be traveling back and forth to Accra for identification of the bones, when we had to go to the police station for DNA samples to be taken was it by a court? So why will the police want to act this way? We cooperated with them so it is their term to reciprocate.”

He stressed: “We will still insist that there is something wrong with the bones. How can you show us bones that are 60 years old? The pathologist, we asked him when were the kids killed, he said he does not know, what instrument was used to kill the children he said he does not know. That, you show us skeletons and the panties are new. That the thread in the beads is new. Bones that are six months old. You cannot treat us like we are kids.”

He later went forward to say ” “I am willing to accept that the children are dead if the two Nigerians are killed in my presence. They should not be blindfolded. I want to see that”.

This is where it becomes troublesome. The evidence that was taken to court is been rejected by the complainant who is suppose to be a state witness, If the parent of the girls are coming out to say our children are not dead, the bones showed us are not that of our children, Then it raises the question of on which ground was the two Nigerians Convicted for murder?

The parent also claims that their children are not dead, their children are alive. If the state witness is making such claims then I will be forced to ask, which murder case were they convicted for?

In a bizarre manner, he requested that the two Nigerians be slaughtered in his presence so that the blood of Nigerians can appease his conscience even when he have doubts they may not have killed his child.

We are not lawyers but in the court of public opinion, if you believe your daughters are alive why then do you want to see another woman’s son slaughtered in your presence? That statement alone tells us a lot about how Nigerian blood is honey to our West African brothers.

Our Lordships have spoken, they are the highest power apart from God, while our brothers are waiting to be slaughtered without blindfolds to appease an angered father, My brothers Samuel Udoetuk Wills and John Orji  “Cow wen no get tail, Na God dey help am chase flies ”

We here at  I salute can only say “A witch that partake in the eating of another woman’s son may not be far away from eating her own child.”. We come in peace !!!



FAKE NEWS : Opera news and other Media houses resumes bias reportage on Nigerians.


Our attention has been drawn to News publications making rounds written by Goodnews_writer, published by Opera News, and other online portals of two Nigerians arrested for selling babies to sakawa boys.

The news is Fake, a deliberate attempt to instigate a xenophobic attack against Nigerians as usual.

We will recall that 2019 saw biased reportages and fake news targeted at Nigerians, Fake news of kidnapping, Fake news of Nigerian shooting a policeman, fake news of a Nigerian stealing a child in Nima, Fake news of Nigerian killing a 10-year-old in Kasoa, and many more. It subsided after the Nigerian media groups in Ghana could not take more of it, launched a defense after pulling down the Nigerian mission house in Accra.

We want to remind Opera news and its co-workers of Hate that before you start a war count your soldiers. The media war is what you don’t want to bring on a country with more than 20 million internet users.

We are therefore calling on those media houses to pull the news down and make disclaimers as soon as possible.

We will not hesitate to seek legal redress if this call is not adhered to, Enough is Enough. You cannot like the banks and stereotype the hustlers.


Xmas message from The Nigerian High Commissioner To Ghana.


The Nigerian higher commissioner to Ghana sends a Christmas message to all Nigerians living in Ghana , Watch video below.



BREAKING NEWS : Nigeria Opens Borders……..


The Nigerian President Muhamadu Buhari this Afternoon ordered the immediate opening of four land borders.  Seme, Illela, Maigatari, and Mfun Borders to be opened while others will be opened before the end of December Presidency confirmed.

Finally, a solution to African funding issues has arrived.


ISG & Partners News Article October 10 2020 (1)

ISG & Partners: Understanding different cultures and working together effectively necessary to solve Africa’s infrastructure problem

Mr. Steven Tuinstra CEO, President and Founder International Service Group (ISG & Partners)


You cannot develop Africa and create a better live for the ordinary people when you dictate your political views and tell the governments of Africa how to run their country.

There is a big difference between African culture and Western culture, said Mr. Steven Tuinstra, CEO of ISG & Partners in an interview with Mr. Moses Owopade, Media Director of ISG & Partners. Mr. Steven Tuinstra has lived and worked almost two decades in Africa, he also lived and worked many years in various other countries in Europe and America.

The CEO explained that it is very important to solve the infrastructure problem, this is only possible when you cooperate with the various governments in Africa. It is crucial that the infrastructure projects can support themselves, this is necessary to not get the governments into financial trouble. At the moment, the governments have run into financial problems regarding their infrastructure projects that cannot support themselves, partly due to the corona pandemic. This must be prevented in the future. When governments take out loans of financial institutions, they must strictly fulfill their loan contracts. Otherwise Africa will never get rid of the infrastructure problem.

Tuinstra said “It is essential that African governments and financial institutions conclude loan contracts where both parties are sure that they can be fulfilled. Then it is no longer necessary to have these meaningless discussions about colonialism. ISG & Partners has a unique construction model to actualize this on EPC + F basis.”

By solving the infrastructure problem in Africa we support the private sector in setting up new companies who can in turn employ staff. With a financially strong private sector we create economic growth in Africa. The governments need the private sector to develop Africa and reach a higher economic standard.




753 Nig. Traders Signs Repatriation Document in Abuja “Ghana Gov. is Using Our Citizens For Politics”. Minister.

Hon Abike Dabiri-Erewa (Chairman/CEO of Nigerians in Diaspora Commission)


Abike Kafayat Oluwatoyin Dabiri-Erewa , Chairman/CEO of Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, Confirmed on Monday morning via zoom call on Channels TV, That 753 Nigerian Traders in Ghana have officially presented signed documents to the Nigerian Government for repatriation from Ghana.

She Lamented that one lady has committed suicide and the Nigerian Government will not take more risk on the traders. We are proud of them, they have committed no crime other than being good in their trades. We know nothing will happen before the Ghana election as they are using our people for politics.

The president cannot risk opening the shops despite meeting with the president of Nigeria and promised to open the shops. We know they may open it after elections but we cannot continue to allow them to subject our traders to grass in thier political fight “.

If they claimed it is because of the border closure by the Nigerian Government then they should also chase the big business and Nigerian banks in Ghana she said.

Asked about reciprocity, She said that is also on the table ” You can recall that when the South Africa issue happened and we returned our citizens, We immediately returned South African Citizens and flights that arrived in Nigeria and that worked, That is for the Foreign Minister to decide but I can tell you that option is on the table.

The Secretary of Association Of All Nigerian Communities (ANC Mr. Isaac Osahon Ekhator who was also on the show via zoom lamented the hypocritical approach by Ghana authorities on the issue. Mr. Isaac said Nigerian traders can not just be returned back without their investment or compensation as many of them have lived and invested in Ghana for decades. He commended the Nigerian High Commission in Ghana who helping with palliatives and mini financial support for these traders. He claimed Ghana people, in general, are not happy with the treatment of Nigerian Traders, but the election has to be won or lost.

Ghana Election is 7th December, The Nigerian Traders have insisted they must be evacuated before the elections.

Isalute will be following the issue to bring you more details.