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The Abuja Film Festival is one of the most credible African film festivals. Currently, on its 17th Edition, The festival which was initially billed to be hosted at the Silver Bird Cinemas in Abuja was restricted due to the Pandemic. 70 films were selected among the lots submitted around the world.

Three Ghana Titles made it to to the final selection, Madhouse Produced by Ola Micheals, Inner Woman Produced and Directed By Destiny Austine Omon, and The King With No Culture, Written and Directed By Destiny Austine Omon.

The King With No Culture Had nominated for the Best Female Actress in Favor of Nana Yaa Agyare. The Title later won the biggest prize of the night (Festival Mention Prize For Best Narrative).

The results were announced at a zoom conference held by the organizers of AIFF 2020. Awards and Prizes will be handed to winners on a later date in December.

Madhouse also won the best international Feature film. Big congratulations to both producers.


VIDEO : The Moment Her Excellency Came out to Meet Super Star Zlatan & #endsars Team Ghana.


As Usual, A broadcast from TV3 stated that despite the protest, The Nigeria High commission never came out. Here is video evidence when the Acting High commissioner Mrs. Esther Arewa, came out as to address her children.

All attempt to reach TV3 has failed, They refused to pick their phones. We urge our media partners who usually come to give the Nigerian media support when issues arise to please publish the real fact as received, rather than trying to make a situation look more terrible than it is.

The Nigerian High Commission, Ghana has affirmed her commitment to giving a listening ear to all cases of Nigerians in Ghana.

We could recall that a few weeks ago when a Nigerian man was mobbed and almost killed for an accusation of stealing. It took the embassy less than two hours to get the medical team to revive the man with oxygen and blood, That is how motherly and efficient Mrs. Esther Arewa can be,along side  other interventions that have been done by her.  Any attempt to rubbish her work through  fake news will not be fair. We are calling on TV 3 to immediately do the needful.




Nigeria has started preparation to evacuate his citizens from Ghana following an appeal made by the traders and some unions. Yesterday on Pan African TV Ghana, the President of NUTAG Ghana made a confirmation on ‘THE MATTER’ a Nigeria @ 60 Independence program hosted by Destiny Austine Omon.

“Many Nigerian traders have indicated interest to return home and we are working on the process of evacuating them he said”.

According to him, it is better they return home than die in hunger.

About 700 Nigerian own shops are still under locks. A statement from the high commission also confirms that some group of traders has made requests to be evacuated by Nigeria.

We in Isalute Plead with President Buhari to use the money he is spending in Mali to evacuate his children from Ghana because Mali will also wake up one day and see Nigerians as their problems. Like S.A and now Ghana. Person wen no remember  where rain beat am how em wan remember who give am umbrella

Evacuate Us before Ghana Elections, Nigerian Coalition Demands.


After the visit of the Vice President of Nigeria to Ghana, Traders who’s shop have remained locked waited to see what the action will be . Frustrated with the low pace, A coalition of trade union and pressure groups  took the traders case to Abuja demanding the evacuation of all traders affected by the trade war before the Ghana elections. In A telephone chat from Abuja the convener of the Coalition for the Safe Evacuation of Nigerian Traders in Ghana (COSENTIG) Mr. *Nze Ugo-Akpe Onwuka (Oyi) said they cannot wait till after the Ghana elections before settling the issue. They want government to evacuate them now. These are some of his further demands.


We demand that Nigerian traders in Ghana be evacuated by the Federal Government of Nigeria NOW to save lives.

1. Rising hardship amongst affected traders is becoming a major source of concern as those with health challenges increase on a daily basis.

2. Inability of the traders to access medical treatment due to lack of finance, which ultimately leads to deaths.

3. Properties of affected traders being foreclosed on due to inability to meet up with loans repayments.

4. Physical attack and abuse from Ghana Union of Traders, Circle Branch.

5. Products getting outdated on the shelves of the locked shops.


*- Coalition for the Safe Evacuation of Nigerian Traders in Ghana (COSENTIG)*






Vice President Professor Yemi Osinbajo Visited the Nigerian Community in Ghana After his ECOWAS meeting with other heads of states Yesterday.

Prof. Yemi was received warmly by the Executives of the Nigerian Communities, Cooperates bodies, and a high  powered Diplomatic team Led by the Nigeiran High Commission.

The vice President left Eburi where the ECOWAS meeting was held, Despite the tight schedule, he still had time to meet with The Nigerian Community in what was  Father and Children heart to heart conversation. The Community was represented by the President of ANC who gave the welcome address, The acting high commissioner, Mrs. Ester Arewa, Thanked the president for the Listing hear he gave to the Ghana Communities, other speakers include The president of NUTAG (MR. Emeka Nnaji) The outgoing president of Nigerian student Union and Mr. Destiny Austine Omon. (CEO DMF Productions). They poured out their concerns, presented documents and Letters to be sent to the president.

The Vice President Who spoke in sorrow assured The Nigerian communities that justice will be done . He asked that all members should remain calm and not retaliate. He said the Nigerian government was not aware that the shops still remained closed after President Buhari Spoke to President AKuffo Addo.

The meeting ending with  Photograph  and dinner. The Vice President and his team departed Accra at about 7:30 Local time.


Ghana based Nigerian banker offers solutions to African Corruption problems


GHANA BASED NIGERIAN BANKER- Offers solutions to the African Corruption problems
In a crucial time when Nigeria, Africa, and indeed, the whole world are looking for a solution to eradicate the menace of fraud/corruption from our businesses and corporate environment. Mr Chiedu Okonta (FCA, MBA-LBS. B.SC), a seasoned Banker and a Chartered Accountant is of the view of self-cure. In his book
“STAMP OUT FRAUD IN YOUR SYSTEM” slated to be launched on September 12th 2020; the seasoned Banker argued that corruption must be first killed by self. below is the Teasers from the book…
Hurrah!!! Your entity can grow its wealth in this hard time -post Covid.
How? Just by getting the winning factors against fraud and wastages in every system. No extra cost! But there is extra wealth!!
Is fraud/corruption an issue in the world today? Oh yes fraud/corruption is a very big problem in the world today as it threatens every nation, company, organisation and agencies worldwide. The World Bank Report of 2019 revealed that conservatively 5% of the World Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which is equivalent to USD1.5 Trillion is prone to fraud and corruption each year! This affects virtually every aspect of the world today.
“Stamp Out Fraud in your System’’ is a novel
book on elimination of wastes, and fraud in the system. The author, using his 25 years ‘of cognate experience, as a Banker and Chartered Accountant; succinctly proved with empirical evidence

that it is possible to actually eliminate fraud from any system. This was exemplified in his place of work, by his leadership of the Fraud Prevention and Recovery Drive for ten consecutive years; where he demonstrated that it is possible to eliminate fraud in every system!
“STAMP OUT FRAUD IN YOUR SYSTEM” authored by Chiedu Okonta (FCA; MBA-LBS & B.SC) provides practical steps that should eliminate fraud in every system that adopts it!
This book would unlock the treasures usually lost to fraud/corruption in your system! It is highly recommended for every Business Owner, Entrepreneurs, Management staff; Bankers; Risk Management Professionals; Audit & Control Officers, every Small & Medium Enterprises, Church Leaderships, Management students, Teachers, Associations, Organisations; Policy Makers in Government Ministries and Establishments; Financial and Management Consultants.
Website Telephone Email
: www.chiedurivergate.com : +233540110060; 0592303276 : [email protected]

Ghanaian Wife of a Nigerian man shot by Ghana Police Cries To Nigerian Gov. For Justice.


A story was published last week of a Nigerian father of a 3 months old baby who was shot dead by Ghana Police on 18 July 2020. The wife Of Mr Precious who is a Ghanaian after unsuccessful efforts to get justice from the police has called on Nigerian Government to come to her aid.


Wife of Nigerian man shot by Ghana police cries to Nigerian Government for Justice .ind video below.

Xenophobic Attack on Nigerians: What the Nigerian Speaker told Akoffo Addo and Nigerians Behind close doors.


The speaker of Nigerians National Assembly and seven other honorable members accompanied by a high powered diplomatic delegation arrived Ghana in a bid to settle the trade dispute between both countries. The diplomatic team came to Ghana armed with visual and pictorial facts. They first met with the kings and traditional heads on Wednesday, a meeting that was held in closed door with details not disclosed to the public.  The delegates also met with co-operate Nigerians and professionals bodies living in Ghana on Thursday. Bank executives, head of United National mission, company owners and so many other big business owners we’re in Attendance. Once again the meeting was held in closed doors, details unknown.
Before proceeding to have word with the president of Ghana.

Questioning the PRO of ANC chief Akintola as to why press we’re not invited, he complained of some media houses when given the right information still will find a way to use it negatively against Nigerians so we decided to keep our meeting to ourselves.

It played out later when media platform in Ghana started trending news like : ”Speaker Blame Nigerians, ”Trade war not Ghana’s fault ” I salute media connected with the Adviser to the speaker Dr. Oyewole who told I salute media that they were certain the media was going to change the narrative that is why they did not grant any interview or said much to the Press. A copy of the Communications between both contries have been made available to salute media below. He echoes  The government’s commitment to defend its citizens.

Remarks by Nigerian Speaker at Bilateral Meeting btw Nigerian and Ghanaian Parliament – FINAL & APPROVEDx

Find below copies of cthe communication.


Body of Nigerian Man shot by Ghana police left to Decompose yet brother forced to pay 300 US Dollars to get access .


One Mr. Precious Agbabule Born on 25th July, 1998 Of sapele local government Delta state Nigeria was shot by the Ghana police in Liberian Camp Kasoa, on 18th of July 2020. A case the police said they are still investigating the shooting so we will not want to dive into it until it is complete.

Mr Precious despite been dead, the hate on Nigerians will not let them put his body at the mortuary so he was never allowed to Rest In Peace by the same people who killed him in cold blood. His elder brother Greatness Efe Agbabule

gave this account when he spoke to I-salute media .

My brother was shot on 18 th of July 2020, same day the body was deposited by one Mr Enerst Osie who is a Police’s CID. Mr Osie promised that on 26th we both will be going to do the Autopsy at police hospital , but when I called him that morning he told me the Autopsy has been carried out without the knowledge of any family member.  They would not even allow me see the dead body until the embassy and Eze Kenedy Ginikanwa Obi the Eze Of Igbos in Katanaman , Madina intervened. I was compelled to pay 300 dollars which was converted for me at the rate of 5.6 GHC so I paid 1800 GHC . I also paid for the Autopsy.

When I got to the mortuary they search every where, but couldn’t find my brother , I was about to leave when one of the staffs went somewhere at a dumping corner and brought out the body of my decomposed brother, I told them he was not the one, everyone ran away because of the smell and flies. It was when I saw the mark on my brother’s jaw and leg I knew he was the one.

I bought body bag 40 Ghana cedes from them to carry my brother’s body. We are calling on the Speaker to help us , we need justice , my brother left behind a very young family , A 2 month old baby and wife who is a Ghanaian.

This is a tip of the iceberg the untold sufferings of Nigerians in a fellow brother’s country. Knee on our neck we can breath ….

I salute has a Picture of the decomposed body but for respect sake we will not post it but we can send it to you privately if you want it .