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Xenophobic Attack On Nigerians : Our quick research shows over 1 million Ghanaians currently Lives in Nigeria …..Nigerian Government


In the wake of attack on Nigeria traders and Nigeria business in Ghana, The federal Government of Nigeria has warned that over 1 million Ghanaians are living and doing businesses in Nigeria, the minister of Information Mr Mohammed, made this statement in a press release where the government lamented the ill treatment of Nigerians in Ghana after watching loads of videos and pictorial evidences made available by Nigerians living in Ghana via the Nigerian mission in ACCRA.

An issue that has prompted both the Senate , House of Rep, The foreign Minister , top government officials and big Nigerian investors calling for a retaliation.

Business and media Mogul Mr Dele Momodu has called on the Nigerian government to either take action now or evaluate the traders whose source of survival has been forcefully taken from them , leading to one trader killing himself as a result . Ghanaians in Nigeria have started adding their voices as they fear possible attack, But the president of NUTAG and president of The ANC has given a direct message to Nigerians not to harm any individual Ghanaian in Nigeria but should allow the war to be between government and government.

As Nigerians at home and abroad are patiently waiting to see what the decision of the federal government will be, all we can say is Pikin when say em mama no wo sleep how em want come sleep ?

The Iyodo family extends condolences to the Attah Of Igala’s Family



The family of HRH. Late Amata Iyodo Ocheje in their deepest sympathy condole with the family of the late Attah of Igala, Dr. Michael Idakwo Ameh Oboni ll, the great Igala race and the good people of Kogi state on the call to transition of our beloved royal father

His royal majesty was a father and husband whom out of love worked for the progress of Nigeria and the state in various capacities
On till his call to meet his ancestors had served the Nigerian air force, worked with the federal capital development authority ( FCDA) before he was called upon to serve as the king to the great Igala kingdom
The child of prophecy as he was known due to the circumstances surrounding his birth, history told us it was said his late father, Ameh Oboni l. declared to his mother that “she was going to conceive the following year and give birth to a male child” after a long while and so it happened
In his contribution to the development of the state fought hard through legal means for the retrieval of land belonging to the Igala people from Enugu state etc.
Furthermore, the peace maker influenced the restoration of some Igala traditional practices that had long been banned eg. The famous Ocho celebration
He was also instrumental in the revival of rural electrification to Kogi East particularly among other things
The man of peace as he was known will be remembered for his famous saying of not “rewarding evil for evil”
On this, the family of HRH. late Amata Iyodo Ocheje wish to extend their condolence message to the royal family, the Igala race and good people of Kogi state for the transition of HRM to his ancestors.
His eminence, Alh Inuwa Iyodo
Narrated by
Mark Iyodo Muhammed

XENOPHOBIC ATTACK ON NIGERIANS IN GHANA .The Hidden fact exposed Tot by Tot.




As much as the Nigerian community in Ghana is trying its best to pull out of a dance invitation made by the sound of war drums beaten by the Ministry of Trade and Ghana Authorities, it is prudent for both parties to present the facts to their people, to find a lasting solution, This issue has gone beyond diplomatic lies because even the Nigerian man selling bread in Circle have been armed with all facts and pieces of evidence as far as this matter is concerned. Coming out with such a press statement is trying to downplay the intelligence of the Nigerian community and over 2 million intelligent Nigerians living in Ghana. Before now, it worked very well but with the use of electronic gadgets and smartphones, it is high time politicians realize it can never be business as usual.

It will interest the public to note that the Nigerian high commissioner went to Abuja armed with so many videos and pictorial shreds of evidence submitted by victimized Nigerians which has been viewed by the office of the president and other senior government bodies. Both sides must come out clean to find a lasting solution.

There is a saying that says “If you don’t want to lie then don’t steal “.

Below we have carefully listed the Accusations of the Nigerian community against Ghana. Ghana response highlighted in red while Facts, as provided by the Nigerian Mission, highlighted in yellow.



  1. I) Accusation:

Also, even though the main reason given for the seizure of Federal Government property at No. 10 Barnes Road in Accra is the non-renewal of Lease after expiration, the Ghanaian authority did not give Nigeria the right of first refusal or the notice to renew the Lease. By contrast, the lease on some of the properties occupied by the Ghanaian Mission in Nigeria has long expired, yet such properties have not been seized.


Response: The Government of Ghana does not, did not, and never owned the land, and has not been involved in the seizure of any property of the Nigerian High Commission in Ghana. The land in question is owned by the Osu Stool and managed by the Lands Commission.

In response to the claim that the lease on some of the properties owned by the Ghana Mission in Nigeria has long expired, it must be noted that the Government acquired a freehold land at Pope John Paul II Street in Abuja in 1989 through a commercial arrangement, and built the current structures on it. The staff of the Ghana High Commission in Abuja have been living there since the construction of the current structures.


 According to a meeting we had with the Charge Affairs of Nigeria to Ghana after the demolition of the mission house, She brought to our knowledge that the property (not the demolished one) in question has been occupied for up to 50 years on the lease, the Ghana lands commission was supposed to serve the Nigerian Diplomatic mission a letter of notice, either for interest to renew the lease or evacuate. That they refused to do before forcefully taking the property. 

And according to her, 6 properties have been given to Ghana so far in Nigeria without Ghana paying for the property or paying for renewal under the same arrangement.


  1. II) Accusation:

Demolition of the Nigerian Mission’s property located at No. 19/21 Julius Nyerere Street, East Ridge, Accra, which constitutes another serious breach of the Vienna Convention.



This statement is not factual. A search at the Lands Commission indicated that the Nigerian High Commission failed to complete the documentation process after paying for the land in the year 2000 A.D. The High Commission failed to acquire the Lease and Land Title Certificate, which constitute documentation for the said property, as well as a building permit for construction. In Ghana, land is owned not only by the Government but also by Stools and Families.


The Nigerian mission has made available to the public a  copy of the letter signed and issued by both Osu stool and ministry of lands after payments have been received. 



III. The demolition of the property was not carried out by agents of the Ghanaian Government, but by agents of the Osu Stool. Nonetheless, the Government of Ghana, valuing the relations between our two countries, has decided to restore the property, at its own cost, to its original state for the Nigerian High Commission, and has duly communicated same to the Nigerian Authorities. The Government of Ghana has also agreed to facilitate the proper acquisition of title by the Nigerian High Commission, as announced by Ghana’s Minister for Foreign Affairs at the time of the incident.


I SALUTE TEAM was the first team to get to the scene and once again I will attach a picture of Ghana Police guiding the demolishers of the building. 3 calls were made to the Ghana police whose headquarter is just 5 minutes away. The fact that they came when the demolition was going on and it was allowed to go on without arrest is a sign of been sanctioned at least by the security of Ghana which means sanctioned by the Ghana Government.




(IV) Accusation:

Aggressive and incessant deportation of Nigerians from Ghana. Between January 2018 and February 2019, Eight Hundred and Twenty-Five (825) Nigerians were deported from Ghana.



This statement is not factual. In 2019, seven hundred (700) Nigerians, who were found to have been involved in criminal activities such as fraud, prostitution, armed robbery etc., were deported.





I may not have details of everyone that was deported but a special case of one businessman we followed, he lives around Madina, he has 2 shops, and happily married to a Ghanaian, he was at a bar at east Legon drinking when the raid was carried out. He was one of those detained for one week before later deported. In that case, we even contributed to buy him a ticket for his deportation because we didn’t want him to face the stress of been dumped at the Togo border as usual.  Fraud stars are never deported, In fact police are known to be very close to them and celebrate them heavily as many have funded some projects in the past. Those your so-called deported prostitutes are they more criminal that the thousands of girls still hanging out right at the heart of east Legon and Osu ? It will do us good to also know those that were deported for armed robberies that were never published in the media.



(V) Accusation:


Residency permit requirement, for which Ghana Immigration Service has placed huge fees far higher than the fees charged by the Nigerian Immigration Service. These include the compulsory non- citizen ID card (US$120, US$ 60 for yearly renewal); medical examinations, including for COVID-19 which is newly introduced (about US$ 120), and payment for residency permit (US$ 400 compared to the N700,000 being paid by Ghanaians for residency card in Nigeria).



It must be noted that all foreigners, who apply for resident permit in Ghana, pay same fees as stated above. These fees are not specific to Nigerians.



We have spoken to the Ivorian communities, the Milan communities, the Chinese, the Lebanese, the South Africans, Americans, and Jamaicans, none of them have been arrested or are in cells for a resident permit, or have their shocks locked. The definition of a foreigner is a man that holds a green and white passport.

Anyway, the fact is I pay 400 dollars annually for a resident permit, Kwame in my village pays nothing, and KOJO my friend in Lagos who owns a hotel pays 7,000 nairas (90 ghc ). While Nigerian Students are made to pay in dollars or use the school rate they will be given which is usually a big daylight robbery. 

(VI) Accusation:


“Media war against Nigerians in Ghana. The negative reportage of issues concerning Nigerians resident in Ghana by the Ghanaian media is fuelling an emerging xenophobic attitude against Nigerian traders and Nigerians in general.

The immediate fallout is the incessant harassment and arrest of Nigerian traders and closure of their shops.”



The statement is not factual. There is no media war against Nigerians in Ghana. There is also no negative reportage on Nigerian residents in Ghana by Ghanaian media, which could potentially lead to xenophobic attitude towards Nigerians, particularly Nigerian traders in Ghana.



There is a big media war against Nigerians to the extent one of the leading Journalists in the country once warned on Metro Good morning Ghana that when it comes to media war they should not underestimate the intelligence of the Nigerian media. I will just touch on just a few that happened last year.

  1. Last year when UTV reported a case of one Mr. Lucky been deported for being a Bimp that he brought the girls to ghana for prostitution They later apologized through one of the elders and paid some money as compensation when he wanted to take them on.
  2. The same UTV reported a case of a Nigerian man who killed a woman and put her body inside the trunk of the car, which was found to be false they apologized.
  3. When a case of 4 Nigerians who were accused of gang-raping a girl in Tema. All the media houses reported it as the world cup, as I speak to you, the case has no facts and has been thrown out of court but no media will do damage control. Here is a link to the story. https://isaluteonline.com/breaking-news-the-nigeria-boys-no-rape-anybody-court-vex-throway-the-case/
  4. A man was almost beaten to death in Nima last year accused of trying to kidnap a child, it was reported in every media only to found out it is false, the man came to look for his girlfriend, to date no reverse reportage. link is here https://isaluteonline.com/fake-news-alerts-the-nigerian-man-wen-people-beat-yesterday-for-nima-ghana-no-be-kidnapper/
  5. The case of the kidnapper of Canadian girls, 9 or more people arrested, Two Nigerians, despite having a notable political tug among them, the smallish hungry-looking Nigerians were the focus of media attention.
  6. A man from Niger republic was arrested for False document, it was intentionally reported by the media as a Nigerian. link here. https://isaluteonline.com/fake-news-alert-ghana-nia-registration-make-media-stop-dey-give-nigeria-bad-name/
  7. A Ghana man shot and killed police it was instantly reported that he is a Nigerian by Joy news. find a link of the story below.

Police Shooting : Nigeria Community for Ghana fit sue Joy & other TV station.


8 On the Night of the demolition of the Nigerian mission. As big as the news is, five media houses were called one showed up, the only one that came by noon the next day reported that the house was demolished by unknown armed me. If not for the hard work of Nigerian media men on the ground that floored everywhere with secret video recordings and pictures, the case would have been subdued using the media apparatus as usual.

A few months ago, a Nigerian man was shot by the Ghana police, a man that is married with a six weeks old baby, The media reported it that a lunatic has been shot. well, that is still under investigation.

The Nigerian media have the facts to go on and on, but like always we will keep it until we are pushed.

(VIII) Accusation:

That three hundred (300), six hundred (600) and two hundred and fifty (250) shops belonging to Nigerians were closed down in 2018, 2019 and 2020 respectively



Upon evidence that some individuals, including Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians, had been involved in various forms of trade, without complying with the laws and regulations of Ghana, several engagements and prior advice had been given to encourage compliance.

Ghana’s Minister for Trade and Industry personally intervened to ensure the reopening of closed shops, pending compliance with Ghana’s laws by their operators.

Among other corrective measures, the Committee on Foreigners in Retail Trade, comprising representatives of various regulatory agencies and institutions in Ghana, was tasked with the responsibility of conducting inspections of retail shops in designated commercial districts in both Accra and Kumasi to ensure compliance with retail trade laws and regulations.

The compliance exercises conducted in the selected markets revealed gross violations of retail trade laws and regulations by Ghanaians and foreigners, including Nigerians. These violations included tax evasion, immigration offenses, trading in sub-standard products, violation of the Ghana Investment

Promotion Centre (GIPC) law, improper registration of firms, under-payment of business operating permits, falsification of documents, among others.In all cases, non-compliant shop owners are given adequate notice to regularize their documents, before action is taken to close any shop/business.

It is an incontestable fact that there is widespread abuse and disregard for local laws and regulations governing retail trade by some foreigners, including Nigerians, which need to be addressed without discrimination. It is important to note that the compliance exercise under reference is not restricted to either ECOWAS nationals or Nigerians for that matter, but extend to all individuals engaged in retail trade, including Ghanaians.





The Nigerian media team in Ghana, has conducted an investigation, speaking to other foreigners in the same trade and I can tell you that not the Togolese, Ivorians, Kenya’s, etc are asked to pay 1 million dollars, none of their markets have been closed down, in a statement the foreign minister made it clear on national TV that it is a retaliation for border closures.




(IX) Accusation:


Harsh and openly biased judicial trial and pronouncements of indiscriminately long jail terms for convicted Nigerians.




Ghana’s courts, at all material times, function independently, and with strict respect for the Laws of Ghana, regardless of the nationalities of accused persons. Judges neither convict nor sentence with a bias for or against nationalities. Nigerians and Ghanaians convicted for the same offenses are not treated differently.


Police and Immigrations go to forcefully jump into Nigerian residents, they even cut down electric fences to get access to Nigerians. But we have never seen them jumped into the house of other foreigners. I have been to court and sentenced to a fine for driving with a Valid Nigerian International License, even when it was written at the back name of the countries I can drive with. I was not allowed to say anything in the MTTU Court, I was only told go and pay, you have nothing to say, can you do this in Nigeria where you came from? Or you want to come here and tell us what to do?

Find listed below some of the Nigerian prisoners in NSAWAM prison and their sentences. It will do the Ghana Authorities a big good to publish the offenses of these prisoners of which some have casemates that are Ghanaians in the same case and what are their sentences.

 I hope they are all sentenced for Armed robberies, Kidnapping, and Drugs. 





(50 YEARS)



(35 YEARS)




(23 YEAR)



(35 YEARS)


6) MR OEARGE (George) JABAL 

(50 YEARS)



(20 YEARS)



(20 YEARS)



(40 YEARS)



(25 YEARS)







(50 YEARS)



(20 YEARS)



(35 YEARS)



(39 YEARS)



(30 YEARS)



(12 YEARS)







(35 YEARS)






(20 YEARS)



(22 YEARS)



(20 YEARS)





(25 YEARS)







(80 YEARS)



(80 YEARS)





(10 YEARS)



(40 YEARS)



(15 YEARS)


36) UCHE PHIDALIS (Fidelis) 

(15 YEARS)



(20 YEARS)



(25 YEARS)



(10 YEARS)




41) FUSANI (Fuseini) ANIADA 

(20 YEARS)



(30 YEARS)



(10 YEARS)



(30 YEARS)



As much as Nigerians want to live in peace and harmony making money does not take away our intellectual abilities. It will interest Ghana to note that Nigeria has some young talented media men that will not just talk without digging deep, The idea of always using Nigeria as a black shield and making the Nigerian community look criminal and Dump for selfish and political interest is long gone it will help us all if we don’t embarrass ourselves further from both sides of governments.











The trade war between Ghana and Nigeria has metamorphosed to a full-fledged government to government war. Buhari who is usually regarded as slow in responding to issues of the attack on Nigerians has hit strong at the Ghana government through his Minister of information, Mr. Lai Mohammed. The government spoke person in a press statement today relayed the president’s mind to the Nigerian community a few days after the Nigerian acting High commissioner (Mrs. Ester Arewa) was summoned back to Abuja pending investigation by the Nigerian Government which obviously did not go well with the Buhari led Government.

To make matters worse Nigerians have started listing their properties for sale both online and estates markets across the country. The fear of the repeat of what happened in South Africa has crept into the heart of Nigerian property owners since the demolition of the Nigerian mission and forcefully closure of Nigerian shops.

 Citing the words of NUTAG president and other traders involved, Many Nigerian landlords around the Patang Adenta areas of Accra who spoke to I salute media also echoed similar concerns. It is obvious Ghana wants them to leave. In reaction, The Nigerian Government today released a press conference reads as follows.

The Nigerian Government is deeply concerned by the incessant harassment of its citizens in Ghana and the progressive acts of

hostility towards the country by Ghanaian authorities, and will no longer tolerate such.
In this regard, the Federal Government is urgently considering a number of options aimed at ameliorating the situation.
The Federal Government has been documenting the acts of hostility
towards Nigeria and Nigerians by the Ghanaian authorities. These include:
– Seizure of the Nigerian Mission’s property located at No. 10, Barnes Road, Accra, which the Nigerian Government has used as diplomatic premises for almost 50 years. This action is a serious breach of the Vienna Convention.
– Demolition of the Nigerian Mission’s property located at No. 19/21 Julius Nyerere Street, East Ridge, Accra, another serious breach of the Vienna Convention.
– Aggressive and incessant deportation of Nigerians from Ghana. Between Jan. 2018 and Feb. 2019, 825 Nigerians were deported from
– Closure of shops belonging to Nigerians. Over 300 Nigerians shops were locked for four months in Kumasi in 2018; over 600 Nigerian shops were locked in 2019 and, currently, over 250 Nigerians shops have been locked.
– Residency Permit requirements, for which the Ghana Immigration Service has placed huge fees, far higher than the fees charged by
the Nigerian Immigration Service. These include the compulsory Non-citizen ID card (US$120, and US$60 for yearly renewal); Medical examinations, including for Covid-19 which is newly-introduced (about US$120), and payment for a residency permit (US$400 compared to the N7,000 being paid by Ghanaians for residency card in Nigeria)
– Outrageous stipulations in the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre Act. When the Act was initially promulgated in 1994, a foreigner is required to invest at least US$300,000 by way of equity capital and
also employ 10 Ghanaians. This Act has now been amended twice, with the 2018 GIPC Act raising the minimum capital base for foreign-owned businesses to US$1m. Though targeted at foreigners, it seems GIPC’s
definition of foreigners is Nigerians. The GIPC Act also negates the ECOWAS Protocol.
– The media war against Nigerians in Ghana. The negative reportage of issues concerning Nigerians resident in Ghana by the Ghanaian media is fuelling an emerging xenophobic attitude towards Nigerian traders and
Nigerians in general. The immediate fallout is the incessant harassment and arrest of Nigerian traders and the closure of their shops.
– Harsh and openly-biased judicial trial and pronouncement of indiscriminately-long jail terms for convicted Nigerians. There are
currently over 200 Nigerians in the Nsawam Maximum prison in Ghana alone.
The Federal Government will like to put on record the fact that even though over 1 million Ghanaians are resident in Nigeria, they are not
being subjected to the kind of hostility being meted out to Nigerians in Ghana.
Also, Even though the main reason given for the seizure of Federal Government property at No. 10, Barnes Road in Accra is the non-renewal of the lease after expiration, the Ghanaian authorities did not give Nigeria the right of first refusal or the notice to renew the lease.
By contrast, the lease on some of the properties occupied by the Ghanaian Mission in Nigeria has long expired, yet such properties have not been seized.
Nigeria has time after time demonstrated its fidelity to the long cordial relations with Ghana. But indications, especially in recent
times are that Nigeria’s stance is now being taken for granted and its citizens being made targets of harassment and objects of ridicule.
This will no longer be tolerated under any guise.
In the meantime, the Federal Government wishes to appeal to its citizens resident in Ghana to remain law-abiding and avoid engaging in self-help, despite their ordeal.
Alhaji Lai Mohammed
Honorable Minister of Information and Culture
28 Aug. 2020

Buhari Must Hit Ghana hard and With a speed, Dele Momodou..A retaliation of Border closure..Minister .


In the heat between Nigerian traders and their Ghanaian host, Dele Momodou the Owner Of Ovation Magazine, one of the biggest media mogul in Africa has hit hard on the Ghana government, in his statement, he came to Ghana during the J.J Rawlings Government, he invested along with other Nigerians in real Estate business, before John Kuffor came to power and did so well in luring Nigerian banks to Ghana. The bank has saved Ghana from economic hardships. Ghana can not love the big money investors and hate the retailers.  Baba As he is referred to has recommended Nigeria Government retaliate with speed to send signals to other countries planing the same attacks on his citizens. Meanwhile, the Ghana minister of foreign affairs has defended the locking of Nigerian shops, She claims the Nigerian government locked the border against the ECOWAS protocols, which suggests this is deliberate retaliation attempts. Now that it is obvious that this is a full-fledged trade war, it will be a big shame if the Giant of Africa will leave his people to continually suffer shame and humiliation from his younger sister. Meanwhile, the Acting High Commissioner to Nigeria has been recalled to Abuja for the government to decide what actions will be taken. While the Ghana High commissioner in Nigeria has been summoned by the Nigerian government. Meanwhile, the Ghanaian customers have kicked against the shop locking, claiming goods sold by Ghanaians are always 3 times higher than that of Nigerian Traders.

Watch the video below…

Posted by Dele Momodu on Monday, 17 August 2020



Deposit 1 Million USD or leave Ghana Market. Ghana Authorities Forcefully Locks Nigerians Shops. Nigerian Government Not Happy.


Last week, A video was shared on our social media pages, a video of Nigerian Traders been forcefully evicted from their shops in Ghana despite having all legal documents. 

According to the representative from the Ghana Ministry of trade,  1 million dollars is required as a deposit before Nigerian traders can sell in their various markets. This has not gone down well with the Nigerian High Commission in Ghana who immediately filed a case to the Nigerian Government, The Government and people of Nigeria are not the least happy with the development. Many notable voices Like Dele Momodu lamented over the weekend in a social media message he fumed of how he employs Ghanaians both in Nigeria and Ghana, without restriction in any field. Mr. Goefry Onyema the Nigerian Foreign minister took to his twitter handle to register his Anger, Information reaching isaluteonline.com claims President Buhari has also watched the video and thinks enough is enough. 

Last year Nigerian Traders were attacked and beaten up in Kumasi and Accra, A Nigerian Professor was arrested for speaking out on some of these issues.

Less than 2 months ago the Nigerian Mission house in Accra was pull down at mid-night,

last month a Nigerian man whose wife just gave birth was gunned down by Ghana police. 

Hundreds of innocent Nigerians in Ghana prison while some are serving as much as 20 years sentence for minor or no crimes committed.

Ghana Immigration and police officers jumping into houses of Nigerians arresting them and loading them in trucks donated to Ghana by the Nigerian Government.

The Nigerian Mission in Ghana thinks Nigerians have had enough, The president of Nigeria Traders in Ghana in an interview said, “it is obvious Ghanaians don’t want us anymore, We are ready to go back home but they should be ready to also receive their brothers back too”.

Our little check with the Nigerian Authorities shows that Ghanaians are not required to pay 1 million deposit in other to trade in Nigeria. Come to think of it, the Makola and other markets are filled with Chinese and other foreigners but it seems the synonyms of Foreigners in Ghana are Nigerian, Even Asians are more citizens in Ghana then the so-called ecowas Citizens. 

It is high time the Nigerian Government clean up the mess that is happening to their citizens in Ghana Because the way it looks they have been pushed to the wall don’t be surprised when the next will be a bite.

If we really have a sitting president in Nigeria, If we really have a government in Nigeria, the time is now. Save your citizens now that it is still day before the nights turn dark like the case of South Africa, this is a styled Xenophobic attack and should be seen as such.

Iyodo family revives intercity football Tournament in Kogi State .


Growing up in Ayangba Kogi state, inter City football games is like Champions league , I remember when we play against Egume, Dekina, Akpa and other towns around us. The cheers from the ladies, the glucose, the trumpets but sad part is that some boys have to play without boots or one leg of boot , that is if you have a close friend who has a pair of boots and willing to share , if you are a right footer and he is also a right footer then you have to play left foot at all course.  Now you will understand and appreciate  why Mark Iyodo a seasoned Journalist based in Ghana 🇬🇭 followed this story with keen interest.

As the ongoing Barracks Egume football competition gets to it’s final match of the first around today with team Iyodo playing her last game after toping group B with four points from two matches

The Iyodo family continue with their massive motivation with the purchase of brand new football boots for the playing body

This will include another sets of playing kits after fulfilling their promises of an increase match bonus in their last match which saw them top the group after winning

The team is also expected to cat away 10k for any goal scored in the second round of this competition whiles an increased winning bonuses of 40k will be given

According to the team manager, Mark Iyodo who was a professional footballer too said the family is solidly behind the team with interest from Abdul Iyodo, the former Shalke 04 of Germany striker showing solidarity with the team whiles commending His Eminence Alh. Prince Inuwa Iyodo for his financial and moral support on behalf of the family

Also, Gen. Iyodo commended the playing body and management of the team for their efforts so far, adding that they shall get a awesome rewards if they lift the trophy

Furthermore, sir S.Y Iyodo, sir. Alex Iyodo and aunty Ojoru Iyodo all threw their support behind the team while urging them to keep a clean sheet just as they have maintained so far.

Also, Gen. Iyodo commended the Tournament Organising body and management.

Finally, the team is expected to take to the field by 4pm Nigerian time for their last group match today, the family wish them well.

As Narrated By :

Mark Iyodo


Abuja Jagaban Endorses Tunibu, Kick starts 2023 campaign.


In the heat of which zone gets the presidential ticket, in what looks like a royal rumble, it will interest you to note that there are people from the North, hausas who would prefer a western president.

It was a busy Monday at the UTAKO taxi park, around the Jabi area of Abuja, As people walked hurriedly, trying to meet up with the pressure that accompanies Monday morning. A friend of mine who was supposed to pick me, gave me a call to inform me of a situation which means he will not be coming for me. My attempt to get an Uber service was challenged by the network. As I I turned my eyes from my phone in frustration, looking to my right side I saw some taxis parked,  walked fast as I could, I have a meeting to catch up on a Monday morning, that was the only thing on my mind. I approached the only empty cab I saw stationed. Abeg carry me go area 10 I spoke in pidgin English. I opened the back door sat in, only for me to hear a calm voice, ”Oga no vex, I no dey work today” As I step down wanting to unleash some words of insult, I saw something that caught my interest on first sight. A hat with the inscription (Tinubu 2023). As a journalist, I know every thing else can wait when a news is found. I am Obviously no longer in a hurry, I got closer to him looking at his cap and what is written on it, as I removed the cap from his head to get a better view, a group of young men who have been playing draft and minding their business for a while turns towards our direction hailing him  Jagaban Jagaban!!!.

Yes meet Muhammad a taxi driver in Abuja from Adamawa state.

” looking at Tinubu passion on building a national cohesion, his quest to help others get to the top from across the nation, his public empowerment initiative even not in government, his understanding and loyalty to PMB amongst other factors

He therefore, view him as someone if giving the chance to lead this country will do well taking from how he lifted the bars in Lagos and sacrifice Tinubu did put in bringing Lagos to where it is now

For that reason again, he will support him wherever he went, and he is going to be taking half price of transport fare from any passenger who board his taxi and is a lover of Tinubu

Furthermore, he assure of getting not less than 10,000 votes for Tinubu if he gets the ticket to represent any political party come 2023 inshalahu through his convincing engagement and discount his passengers will be enjoying

I love him, and will be his number one supporter everywhere I’m,

That’s why people call me the “Jagaban” of taxi drivers around Abuja metropolis

Finally, he said any party that gives Tinubu their ticket will win come 2023.

Muhammad who have been nick named jagaban, courtesy of his open and aggressive love for the former Lagos state governor and political mountain, the real jagaban, Bola AHMED Tunibu. when I querried him this is what he has to say about the man he thinks should be the next president of the federal republic of Nigeria.

His Excellency should be aware of a man who has already started his 2023 presidential campaign.





Narrated by : Mark Iyodo.

A journalist based in ACCRA Ghana.










BREAKING NEWS : New Building Of The Nigerian Mission In Ghana Demolished Over Night .


It was 11:30 P.M on Friday when i  got a call, without looking at the number, I picked and a voice said something has just happened, the new Nigerian High commission building has been demolished. To me it was a big joke, I quickly glanced through my contact to see if I could locate any of the media partners close by, Another call came, this time I could sense the tension and panic from the caller’s voice. Then I realized this is no longer a joke. I set off on a one hour journey to see things my self, Knowing the community (Ridge), Right opposite the Police headquarters and beside the SNIIT guest house, I was expecting to see a reasonable number of security men, But when I arrived at 1:15 AM, the silence around the area gave me a reason to doubt if I was at the right place. Personnel of Goodluck Security complex opened the gate for me and the Video Below completes the story.


A source at the embassy I spoke to claimed they have written to the foreign mission to strengthen security in the area after the first partial demolition on Monday which was reported to the Police, yet no action of such was taken.
The men in charge of security at the area, said they made a call to the police, but it took the police one hour to get there, Meanwhile, the police headquarters is less than 5 minutes drive to the building, Which shows something must be wrong somewhere.
The High Commission has declined comments as they expect to make an official press release to that effect.
Even if the people who carried out the act have any permit as claimed, should it be done at night? Why didn’t they come with Ghana security personnel? While we await those answer you can watch the live videos of the building been pulled down, This is a big slap on the face of the Nigerian government as a whole,something must be done to stop this insult and victimization of the Nigerian people in a community headed by Nigeria themselves.
Now the Nigerian government can understand it better when the citizen cries, If this can be done to our mission I wonder what can’t be done to a common Nigerian on the street of Accra.

Watch the live video below while we hunt further details.




As a Nigerian, living in an ECOWAS country, someone will expect to be at home because you are obviously not far from home but No this is what it actually means to Be a Nigerian Living in Ghana.
Not everybody has the ability to purchase a car in Ghana, as a result, most Nigerians drive their Nigerian Registered car in accordance with the ECOWAS treaty of May 1979. But the reverse is the case. From the Benin border, A Nigerian numbered car is already an oil well for Customs and police. While the people inside are free meals for Immigration officers. As a movie producer, I always need a big van that can carry all my requirements, since I cannot afford to but two for my different job Demographics I decided to shuttle my Nigerian numbered plate in between Nigerian and Ghana.
We got to the Benin Republic, all papers needed to cross the borders all paid for in Lagos before departure yet the Officers at the border insisted I give them 20,000 CFA for a reason that was not stated. After 3 hours of delay, we had no choice but to pay the said fee, no receipt was issued.
Fuming as I tried to explain to my driver why we are not supposed to pay any fee since we have paid for all ECOWAS documents and fees, he smiled as if I am from another planet. Oga na so dem dey do us oh, obviously he is used to it.

We got to Togo, an empty gallon which we used in buying petrol in Nigeria was seen in the trunk of my car, the border police insisted that we must pay 40,000 CFA. About 10 other Nigerian vehicles were stopped with each asked to pay not less than 20,000 CFA just for been a Nigerian.
My trying to explain the ECOWAS arrangements to them faced deaf ears as officers who have been communicating in English suddenly pretended they only understand french.

We paid the amount because we had no choice, I said to my self probably because they are french speaking countries, Ghana our brothers will do better, My driver smiled and said “ Make we reach there first “

We got to the Ghana Customs department, After checking my documents the gentleman said he is not sure I am the owner of the car, despite my name written on all original papers and had my driver’s license with the same name. I thought it was one of those jokes, after delaying us for another two hours, My driver came back to me, “ Oga give this people something make we go abeg, all this law no dey work here”.

It was there I knew this journey won’t be easy. We paid in Every checking point until we finally got to Accra.
I thought I was free but I lied, Every one seems to see you as a criminal on the street just because of the Nigerian Numbered car. The smallest police will stop you on the road and search you to your panties just because you are driving a Nigerian numbered car, The bus drivers and apprentice will insult you because they feel you do not deserve it.

My worst experience was on the day I had an interview on CITI TV, I was in a hurry, A policeman who is less than 30 years of age stopped me right under the traffic light at East Legon. He asked for my paper amid causing terrible traffic just to provoke that anger they expect from frustrating a Nigerian who they know is always in a hurry.
After checking my papers he looked at me and said as far as you are in my country, I can stop you anywhere and anytime to check your papers.
Pantang, Kasoa, Spintex road are hot zones because of the numbers of Nigerians living in these areas. Your driving a Nigerian Numbered car will get you stopped every day by the patrol teams. Some even follow you to your house, officers jumping a fence, some officers even went as far as calling the electricity company to switch off the light in the area to allow them to cut an electric fence of a Nigerian man living on the Dodowa road despite we have to pay 500 dollars for renewal of resident permit annually in an ECOWAS country.

You have to renew your car permit every 30 days with a penalty of 5 ghc (400 naira) every day if you default in payment.

During the lockdown, Most people could not go to the border to renew their papers, with many not knowing it can be renewed at the GRA office in Accra, no notice was sent to Nigerian drivers, it was not announced in any of the media platforms but they expected us to know anyway.
After the lockdown, I was driving to my office, After such a long time without driving the car, anyone would have forgotten about the validity of the documents.
I was stopped by police and custom preventives.

The looked at my papers, my undertaken has expired but my ecowas brown card, insurance, and other documents were all intact. All plead to allow one officer to follow me in going to fix the documents fell on deaf ears.
Another Nigerian driver who was arrested was allowed to go, He told me in igbo that I should give them money. One of the officers came into my car to ask me Oga how far, as soon as he saw my Press Tag, the story changed because they know this may be trouble. 15 cars including mine were taken to Tema custom warehouse. A document of detention was issued to me, right in my eyes, some of the cars were allowed to go, obviously, you know the reason right? I was the only Nigerian Arrested. I took the paper I went to GRA head office the next morning, only to meet with a custom woman who chased me out like a sick dog. “ Go and write a letter to the Assistant commissioner don’t come here and give me any wahala “. I went outside confused and thinking if I have met her before not to think of offending her. In that confused state, one of the junior officer came out and explained to me how to type the letter, Didn’t know that was the beginning of a terrible experience. I submitted the letter and was asked to do a followup. I was to and fro for two weeks every day, One morning I went to one of The officers Mr. Vincent, I told him how frustrated I was, his response was “ do you know the frustration your government is causing us for locking up the Nigerian borders? “ There and then I read the handwriting on the wall. I climbed up to assistance commissioner Preventive’s office where I met a lady Agnes who was very professional and helpful, she called all the relevant offices and told me the officer in charge has been admitted.
I had to go back not only to wait but to also pray and fast for the recovery of an officer so I can get my car. After a series of calls, the officer told me the battery of my car ran down so I have to bring a technician to go open a car that is detained in their custody. I had no choice I took the technician from Accra to Tema to go open the car. It took another one week of up and down before I finally got the Verdict of document compelling me to go pay duty for a car I already paid the duties in an ECOWAS country.

I was advised to go see the big man. After pleading for almost 30 minutes he asked me to go and come back the next day. It took another three days to get the file, I breathed a sigh of relief as my one-month trauma has finally ended but I lied.

I got back the next day June 1st to regularise my documents only to be handed an administrative fee of 1200 GHS excluding the normal fees I was supposed to pay, I got there at 9 am, with more than 50 Nigerians also there to fix their papers. I spoke to many who told me I am lucky, some have had to pay above 4,000 GHC an equivalent of 300,000 Naira. One told me his car was arrested with him, his mother’s wife and family. He has spent over 7,000 to no avail.

We were made to sit beside an abandoned toilet for more than 6 hours. When the document finally came, It was written that after paying all the fees, my car should still be detained until borders are opened before the car can be deported back. It took another two days to change what the woman called a mistake form the Commissioner, I had to call a staff of Nigerian Embassy, The president of South South (Mr. Tony ) community in Ghana, The ANC welfare officer ( Mr Emmanuel ) before I was finally handed a release letter to pick up my car.

This is what being a Nigerian citizen in an Ecowas State means to me.
I think it is high time the Nigerian Government put a check on what is happening to their citizens besides their borders. A Goat can’t use a Lion’s child for sacrifice even when it comes to the goat’s cage. If we are citizens of the giant of Africa then it should reflect on how we are been treated by people who directly benefit from our tax been used by the Nigerian government to fund ECOWAS.