the border wahala wen dey happen  since August after Nigeria just wake up one day close their Borders. But on Wednesday oga Kpatakpata dem of Benin, Nigeria and Ghana come sit down talk watin dem wo arrange for  before dem Nigeria wo open the border .

1. Dem must arrange  get patrol police from the three country wen wo dey waka waka for all the border together .

2. People wo dey pass the borders with better paper no be ordinary ID card or just pay coins stroll pass.

3. Dem no wo dey worry any country people wen wo pass border.

The Oga dem wen sit for the matter talk say as soon as dem put the waka waka police ready, dem wo open the border. Dem never fix date but dem talk say E no wo reach the time wen Dem talk before .

At least as the matter don dey table like chicken so , dem  must slaughter am and na we wo still  Share the Tory come give una because we dey follow the matter like winch , your own na do follow us.


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