1. Last Saturday night to early morning on Sunday, Our Nigerian brother wen be the heavy weight champion for blows come allow one mexico boxer Andy Ruiz Jr beat am like small pikin. The blow match wen start around 3 o’clock for early morning, Many Nigerians wen dey Ghana no even watch the blows because every body think say na walk over, i join isalute team wen the blows do enter round 7, i see blood dey commot for Tony noise game don End oyibo Mr Ibu dey jump up, eii for my mind i know say this wo either be dream, joke or drama. I drink whiskey force my self sleep, i open eye for morning come see Anthony Joshua and em manager dey make mouth for TV say “ E don tai wen Joshua dey try to give em supporters the really amount of watin them pay for. Na em i come enter the matter see say Anthony Joshua wo take home 20 million pounds as em loose while Andy Ruiz Jr aka oyimbo Mr. Ibu wo take 5 Million and dem must fight another one before year end. But my brother as a A Nigerian man people dey belive say em sell the match not only to Ruiz Jr but to all this super bet, baba ijebu and kalo kalo people because if you tell me say you bet say Luiz wo win na em be say u be witch and if you say all these money nor reach to borrow person your bet for 5 months then your village witch put your brain for fry pan.

Yesterday i salute enter street come dey talk to Nigerians for ghana wen like blows see how men dey para for am, na em i tell them say after the blows pikin no wo chop when blows nor dey again ?

NEW YORK , United States – 1 June 2019; Andy Ruiz Jr celebrates after his IBF, WBA, WBO & IBO World Heavyweight Championship fight with Anthony Joshua at Madison Square Garden in New York, USA. (Photo By Stephen McCarthy/Sportsfile via Getty Images)

Well we wo dey follow the matter your one na to follow us.

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