GUTA wen be Ghana people wen dey sell things for market, come enter Accra and Kumasi begin close down people shops. The Oga Kpatakpata of GUTA talk say as far as Nigerian Government no respect Ecowas wen dem close border, say dem too no wo respect their police or their Government wen talk say dem no get right to lock the shops so dem dey give Nigerians till monday to leave their market. For one of the TV for Ghana, CITI TV, dem show video wen be say GUTA boys dey beat Nigeria people and lock their shop. The Welfare personĀ  Mr Emmanuel Chukwuma talk say, Nigeria no get border Ghana say the reason the thing dey pepper GUTA for body like teargas na because say na GUTA dey export most of the pharmacy goods and medicine go Nigeria. Em also say both coco nut, drinks and many other things so as Nigeria lock that chop chop area, na em make dem dey bark like dog wen born one pikin. Time don reach wen oga Buhari wo stop all these insult Nigerian traders dey receive for Ghana. Make dem also find way to help Nigerian traders when dey also suffer because of this border wen dem close. The both video dey here you fit watch am yourself. Follow us because na only us dey follow Nigeria matter like fly wen no dey hear word.


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