As Ghana Government and other African countries dey try beg Nigeria make dem open their border, The Nigeria Government Don come out talk say the border wo still de close till 2020. News wen reach Isalute Media be say even Vietnam send people come Nigeria to beg make border open. True true dem talk say if sand full rice even the blind man wo see am. E be like say the sand don too plenty for Nigeria people food so our government don see am. Nigeria no get border with Vietnam or even Ghana so person wo wonder why dem dey drink Panadol for headache wen no concern them. We hear say Dangote dey set up big rice plants and tomatoes company for all over Nigeria and since them lock border Nigeria don cash out over 200 billion Naira. As the thing dey, if you be Nigerian and you no dey happy with the closing of border na em be say na witch you be, seriously you dey fly for afternoon.

Last time i see many trucks wen carry tin tomatoes and other Ghana products dey go Nigeria, them no dey pay tax os shipments yet those products wo go dey struggle the market with our local goods for Lagos.  kasapreko wen get alomo and other Ogogoro drinks don talk say dem lost 2 Million dollars since dem close border.

We for Isalute come talk say so them dey milk Nigerian people like this na em dem still dey treat us like refugee ? true true if you live for  glass house no throw stone. Make Nigeria people ready to chop local rice for Christmas. Yes Nigerian Local Rice and Foul sweet well well. Anyway we dey follow the matter , your own na to follow us for social media.


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