• The oga kpatakpata for Nigeria Immigration oga Mohammad Babandede talk say very soon Nigeria Immigration WO start to pursue people when no be Nigeria pikin  when no get permit wen dem dey take stay another man land.  Em talk am yesterday for Kano when some new officer dey join immigration work . Oga Muhammad say people when no be Nigeria dey come do bad things for Nigeria so dem for dey do paper so make dem know every body wen dey enter and live for the country. Say them WO give time , if that time pass any body wen them see na to deport am.  Because many of the Fulani herdsmen wen dey kill people you WO hear them de speak French and Fulani which means say dem no be Nigeria  people. Make we no forget say na the same thing dey happen for Ghana wen dem dey talk say na Nigeria dey do bad for  Ghana come begin deport people , We for I salute think say e be like say government don vex because na only Nigeria you fit live wen no body dey do permit but na Nigeria people dey pay resident permit pass for the whole word and we believe say watin good for monkey dey good for chimpanzee.

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