Last week we bring una one torri wen talk say some people wen no be Ghana de go register the Ghana card wen be say Koti (police) come burst dem, but as the matter take arrange so, Today for Randy Abbey early mo mo show for metro TV, one big Journalist wen still be the oga kpatakpata for Pan-African TV, Oga Kwesi Pratt, The second Oga after the Oga Kpatakpata for Works wen dem dey call Deputy Minister Of Works Oga em self Eugene Boakye Antw , all of them come talk for the matter say, the card na ecowas card no be for only Ghana people so even if you be Nigeria or any other country for west Africa here, you fit also go register but the different be say for the place Ghana flag dey, Nigeria flag wo de there if you be Nigeria. So we for dey tell Nigerians wen dey Ghana make dem go now now find anywhere be the center near dem. If you go there no try do Ghana own oh, na that one wo land you for cage. Tell them say you be Nigerian, Dem for give you Nigerian own.

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