We remember say na 20 th August na em the Oga Kpatakpata for customs come talk say them don close Nigeria border down. Them say because of people wen dey carry illegal things dey cross border and dem also dey carry rice and other country ban goods dey pass the border. Since dem close borders all the country wen dey near Nigeria dey cry, Togo, Benin, Liberia, Niger, Ghana, everybody dey cry. Yesterday for our Isalute Radio with the pidgin English professor, I salute come call many Nigerians dey ask them the matter. Plenty of them talk say as much as the thing dey affect every body, say dem still like am because since the borders close. Ghana Police and immigration don learn to respect Nigerians, GUTA wen been dey bark like dog dey attack Nigerian traders don cool like ice water. Nigerians for Ghana come talk say time don reach wen Nigeria wo dey show other country say na them be the America of Africa. Because every country dey treat Nigerians like say dem be beggars but na the same Nigerians dey push money enter enter their country. Ghana like this get 12 Nigerian banks. Yet Nigerians dey pay high immigration rates and tax for the country. The Nigerian Women Leader come talk say Nigeria must use this one take tell other country watin dem want for their people before dem open the border. Follow us for Isalute cos na we dey follow the matter.





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