Isalute pidgin news

One court for Lagos Nigeria don order de Oga Kpatapkata for police say make em pay one Ghana taxi driver 10 million Naira wen be like 143,000 GHC, James Ofori na taxi driver for lagos so police come catch am put for cell for 6 years for prison, by the time wen oga judge wen dem de call Justice Sule Hassan look inside de matter, Em come talk say , watin police do no good at all and james ofori no do any bad thing wen dem wo lock am for cell like that. So make them pay am 10,000,000 naira wen be loke 143,000 GHC for ghana money . As the matter de so na em we for isalute come talk say if Ghana police fit also copy this one so that wen dem detain any Nigeria person come see say de person no do anything make dem still de pay am money at least. As Nigeria and Ghana dey copy each other so, no be only for bad but it good thing happen make we still copy am.

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