The Pikin of the Oga Kpatakpata of Kogi state when do die, Prince Abubakar Audu wen dem dey call Mona Audu, wen be the person wen dey stand dey face Governor Bello face to face for the the seat wen high pass for Kogi state. on 18 th May na him Team Magazine come give am one big cap wen them dey call African International Achievers Award, na cap wen dem dey give young african people wen do try well for any thing wen them dey do. Na for Accra dem give am. Mona Audu no come as we know say because of election wen dey come for road, so em send people come take am for am. Many oga dem dey there put eye down wen dem give am. isalute also hear say Oga Mona wen been dey carry YPP flag wo soon come join A.P.C because the oga at the top dem for A.P.C talk say na because em father die if not Bello fo no get the seat and as E dey so dem no like the way bello take dey carry their flag so make em come back come carry APC flag since people know am well well and Kogi people trust am.

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