One fake news come out yesterday about the Pikin of the Kogi governor wen die Prince Abubakar   Audu , dem come talk say Prince Mona Audu don stop to run for the chair of oga kpatakpata for kogi state. But the man wen dey do talk talk for APC don come out talk say na lie, say em still dey run, em talk say APC for kogi dey support am no be because say na em family property but because of say em get sense and know how em wo take work for lugard house when the whole Kogi people wo happy, Em say out of the 10 children wen Prince Audu born say all of dem dey support prince Mona except two wen say dem no dey do anything wen be politics. Whether you dey, ayangba or ejule, Ankpa, Idah, Lokoja, Ajaokuta any where you dey for Kogi na to join hand make Prince Mona win the run na only there kogi wo better. Prince Mona na em stand carry APC flag for the Kogi election wen dem wo do later for the year.


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