This last monday na em (GUTA )na demĀ  dey talk for the ghana people wen be traders for Ghana, na em dem go lock Nigerian people shop for Opera square say dem dey take their market say make dem commot for the market. Opera square be like Alaba for Lagos, na there dem dey sell electrical parts and film too. So yesterday oga kpatakpata for all the Nigeria people wen dey sell for Ghana come go there with Ghana police , Police come go open the shops. This afternoon na Em Oga Levi Nnaji come talk to isalute media for phone. Em talk say for the whole opera square , E no reach 30 Nigerian shop wen dey among the thousands of shops wen dey there. Em say dem just dey use home advantage dey harrass Nigeria people. Em say the Ecowas paper wen Ghana sign give every ecowas person the same right with the people wen get the land. Oga Levi say people wen dey talk say dem no wo gree government own say dem wan fight, make dem make sure say dem no touch or wound and Nigeria person again, Say if that one happen E no wo funny at all. Oga Levi say even oga Nigeria High Commissioner no dey sleep for the matter say as em dey talk so na for Nigeria High Commission em dey so. Say oga commissioner stand on top of the matter like iroko tree but as the matter dey so, Ghana police don help dey take care of all the shop wen dem be lock before. And Ghana police say dem no wo smile with anybody when wan go worry the Nigeria people agaian. We for Isalute Media wo de Follow the matter, Your own na to follow us.




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