In the heat between Nigerian traders and their Ghanaian host, Dele Momodou the Owner Of Ovation Magazine, one of the biggest media mogul in Africa has hit hard on the Ghana government, in his statement, he came to Ghana during the J.J Rawlings Government, he invested along with other Nigerians in real Estate business, before John Kuffor came to power and did so well in luring Nigerian banks to Ghana. The bank has saved Ghana from economic hardships. Ghana can not love the big money investors and hate the retailers.  Baba As he is referred to has recommended Nigeria Government retaliate with speed to send signals to other countries planing the same attacks on his citizens. Meanwhile, the Ghana minister of foreign affairs has defended the locking of Nigerian shops, She claims the Nigerian government locked the border against the ECOWAS protocols, which suggests this is deliberate retaliation attempts. Now that it is obvious that this is a full-fledged trade war, it will be a big shame if the Giant of Africa will leave his people to continually suffer shame and humiliation from his younger sister. Meanwhile, the Acting High Commissioner to Nigeria has been recalled to Abuja for the government to decide what actions will be taken. While the Ghana High commissioner in Nigeria has been summoned by the Nigerian government. Meanwhile, the Ghanaian customers have kicked against the shop locking, claiming goods sold by Ghanaians are always 3 times higher than that of Nigerian Traders.

Watch the video below…

Posted by Dele Momodu on Monday, 17 August 2020




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