The Nigerian High commission to Ghana don talk say dem ready to help Nigerians wen need food and those wen dey stranded because of lock down, This matter come land for table after I salute come carry the complain when some  Nigerian people dey complain say dem self need food but the food wen government dey share no dey reach their hand, I salute come table the matter for paper go  give madam for top say abeg, even if na Garri, rice, beans anything wen resemble food make dem find am give people make dem chop. Because this people be our people, if dem go thief pot of soup now,  or person die of hunger na there you wo see Nigeria name wo dey ring bell for news.

Na Em Mr. Dauda wen dey work for Nigerian High commission for Accra come call I salute media this Afternoon, Oga Dauda come explain to us say make we tell every Nigerian for Ghana say, as the matter dey so, Government no give anybody money or food make dem share,  but dem for high commission wo use their church mind take help those when really need the food. But em come talk say no way wen dem wo fit carry food give person by person so make every body when em know say em need assistance make dem  go pass their community leader.

Em talk say them dey work with all the community leaders to see how food wo take reach every body, so any tribe or area wen you come from Nigeria, make to try go locate una community head because na through them the High Commission wo fit help people wen really need help. If any body still get any other question em fit call the numbers when dey under this letter.

Number to call : 0302776158/9.


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