E be like say even army robber don join this Nigeria must go matter . On Monday night around 3 for midnight three robbers come one Nigerian producer house for Ghana( Austine Omon) wen also be the person wen get isalute media for Ghana. Oga Mr. Omon say em come back from studio around 1 am for midnight, drive enter , em notice one person pass but e no mind anything so em no talk to am. Austine say dem spray some thing for the house wen make every sleep, dem cut the gate carry many of property plus phones. The king with no culture producer talk say Ghana people don dey warn am for social media and dey tell am say  dem WO do am strong thing because of the way em dey write about this Nigeria and Ghana wahala. Em no know what na part of the strong thing be this . Em say make em fans no worry say thevnew movie wen em just finish dey correct nothing do am Isalute media come ask am say why em  no report for police ? Mr Omon talk say no need , em say police wo use the matter take chop e money. no forget say e never too long wen dem go rob one Nigerian actress for Ghana too princess Mimi Bala , she say money wen she spend no be small but till today she no see anything. plenty Nigeria people for Pantang say now the thing be like say na Nigeria people house dem target because every night dem must rob one Nigeria people for the area.. So we for I salute dey beg Oga police make dem shine eye for that oyarifa and dodowa road side.


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