Na three days be Dis wen Ghana Rapper Manifest warn media people make dem no dey black list Nigerians say bad thing no get nationality. Yesterday police arrest two ghana men wen pour raw acid for truck driver body before dem carry em load. According to the torry, thier  work na to kill truck drivers with Acid, dem wo go find work for company, if the company send them with truck drivers make them deliver load , dem wo pour acid for the truck driver body kill am carry the load go sell. Them don kill more than 6 truck drivers so far. This last one so wen make water pass gari, company send dem make dem deliver bags sugar wen reach 10 million Naira, as the truck driver say make em sleep small na so dem pour acid for em body push am troway carry the full load of sugar. Dem kill the driver for Benin city then run go Enugu state where police go catch them. The two Ghana people Eric Aidan And Mattew Kwasha use their mouth talk am say yes na thier work be that say if them do finish dem wo go another company for another state go find work. Na em Nigeria people wen de Ghana come dey talk say na Ghana people dey go kill Nigerians for their country so but people never attack other Ghana pople for lagos because of say Ghana man do something. Only two people don kill 6 people so if na ghana fire for don fall. And according to police many Ghana people dey different cells for Nigeria because of bad bad things like this. Our media no dey single dem out. Which means true true Mensah dey for every house, no be only Nigerians get bad people but make people no forget say if you get 10 thief for Ghana then you wo get 1000 thief for Nigeria, If you get 10 pastors for ghana you wo get 1000 pastors for Nigeria, if you get 10 billionaires for ghana you wo get 1000 billionaires for Nigeria. No where wen good people and bad people no dey watin diffrent na numbers. Them don charge two of them go court.


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