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CYBER CRIME : EFCC De come burst Ghana on Tuesday.Efcc officer do tatafo give boys.


One Efcc officer tell em guy wen dey ghana say dem dey come burst ghana any time, The officer and one of em guys de reason am for whatsapp na em the thing come spread, according to the chat, the officer talk say dem wo come see Ghana President on tuesday after that dem wo come burst Ghana say them hear say na there all the 419 boys dey hide. Any body wen dem catch na 4 years for prison. You fit read am here.

Efcc officer dey work with yahoo yahoo guys.

We for isalute come talk say, una see as the matter dey, person wen u send go catch thief na em call thief say make em dey run, which show say the system really rotten well well. E come be like where monkey dey call baboon animal. another thing be say we no dey sure whether this chat na true or na lie, but if na true why E be say na only Nigerians dey go tell other countries say thier children no good, no country do drugs pass Americans but u no wo ever hear say America dey go burst their own pikin for another man land, i believe say Ghana police de strong enough to handle the matter, if any person run go Nigeria that one dem fit follow am, even if dem need some body for Ghana, dem fit use EOCO instead of to come scatter Nigeria name wen we dey try arrange small small. Because watin even the good nigerians de suffer outside na say our government dey let people know say Nigeria children no good, by the time EFCC come do that thier show for ghana even the good ones wen remain no wo fit stay again. Because Ghana people don already dey talk say every Nigerian man na 419, and for here wen dem damage your name no body de come arrange am back.

Anyway we wo de follow the matter as E de hot so. So make you follow us for Facebook Isalute media


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