Last week, A video was shared on our social media pages, a video of Nigerian Traders been forcefully evicted from their shops in Ghana despite having all legal documents. 

According to the representative from the Ghana Ministry of trade,  1 million dollars is required as a deposit before Nigerian traders can sell in their various markets. This has not gone down well with the Nigerian High Commission in Ghana who immediately filed a case to the Nigerian Government, The Government and people of Nigeria are not the least happy with the development. Many notable voices Like Dele Momodu lamented over the weekend in a social media message he fumed of how he employs Ghanaians both in Nigeria and Ghana, without restriction in any field. Mr. Goefry Onyema the Nigerian Foreign minister took to his twitter handle to register his Anger, Information reaching claims President Buhari has also watched the video and thinks enough is enough. 

Last year Nigerian Traders were attacked and beaten up in Kumasi and Accra, A Nigerian Professor was arrested for speaking out on some of these issues.

Less than 2 months ago the Nigerian Mission house in Accra was pull down at mid-night,

last month a Nigerian man whose wife just gave birth was gunned down by Ghana police. 

Hundreds of innocent Nigerians in Ghana prison while some are serving as much as 20 years sentence for minor or no crimes committed.

Ghana Immigration and police officers jumping into houses of Nigerians arresting them and loading them in trucks donated to Ghana by the Nigerian Government.

The Nigerian Mission in Ghana thinks Nigerians have had enough, The president of Nigeria Traders in Ghana in an interview said, “it is obvious Ghanaians don’t want us anymore, We are ready to go back home but they should be ready to also receive their brothers back too”.

Our little check with the Nigerian Authorities shows that Ghanaians are not required to pay 1 million deposit in other to trade in Nigeria. Come to think of it, the Makola and other markets are filled with Chinese and other foreigners but it seems the synonyms of Foreigners in Ghana are Nigerian, Even Asians are more citizens in Ghana then the so-called ecowas Citizens. 

It is high time the Nigerian Government clean up the mess that is happening to their citizens in Ghana Because the way it looks they have been pushed to the wall don’t be surprised when the next will be a bite.

If we really have a sitting president in Nigeria, If we really have a government in Nigeria, the time is now. Save your citizens now that it is still day before the nights turn dark like the case of South Africa, this is a styled Xenophobic attack and should be seen as such.


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