Nana Yaa Agyare na she be the actress wen de sell pass for Ghana now , Nana yaa wen go school well well to the extent say she get Master Degree, for the industry wen people dey believe say na only women wen just get big back and front without sense na dem dey act, But Nana Yaa no be so, she be actress, radio presenter,she dey do MC, she be lecturer for Media school, she still be musician and also she be family woman wen get husband and pickin. But with all this plenty work wen she dey do, na she be the hottest face for Ghana Cinema right now. Since last year alone she don appear for cinema more than 6 times, she play lead for the King with no culture, Inner woman, Indian money, Last Card and many other movies.

Now I Salute media hear say em don get one movie for Nigeria with some other Nigerian actors for a project wen be Galaxy TV contract. I Salute confirm from the producer and Director when also be Nigerian ( Destiny Omon) Wen be one of the biggest Nigerian producer for Ghana na em be the Oga Kpatakpata for DMF Productions Ghana, Em come talk say na true say them wo enter set before ending of the month. em also talk say no be only her be the Ghana Actress wen dey the project, Em say as em be say na Nana we dey talk about , em wo reserve the other names till later.

I salute come ask Nana Yaa say as E be say she don reach this level without em no expose em body or naked like em other mates dey do am, whether she get any plan to open em body of whether she fit naked for movie ? Nana Yaa come talk say :

“Yes say if the story no make am ‘Sex object” em wo do am, if na say make em naked to teach lesson as a mother or woman em wo do am but if na say make people know am or for money or fame em no wo do because where God don carry am reach without open em body, em no need open em body for people to know am “. Nana Yaa as we dey talk so dey another set of another Nigerian producer for Ghana wen de shoot movie called house of Fire. If you get job for Nana you fit call am on : +233 543793754 or reach am for social media : FACEBOOK, IG – nanayaaagyare.



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