Ghana Movie Actress wen don start to make film now, Yvonne Nelson, na person wen don dey Nigeria well well, time dey self wen be say people think say na one Nija Musician been wan marry am, we all remember our Oga even use am sing. ‘Oga My Waist’ (i no call any body name oh). Today for Metro TV wen dey Ghana the tory person come as Yvonne how em take dey make money from em film since many producer for Ghana dey cry ? Sister Yvonne wen say em don born again, em don  take body gum God, talk say, she no dey make money from film wen em put am for cinema for Ghana say the only way em dey make money na to play am for Nigeria cinema .  If you see her film na Nigerian director always dey direct am. She and other Ghana producer dey lucky say dem dey fit go sell for Nigeria but for Ghana na different thing. If you be Nigerian producer wen put your film for cinema for Ghana no body wo come, even (Dubai Wedding ) wen be mega film for Nigeria flop well well for Accra. if you go make mistake do am for Kumasi just know say na for only you and family members even the actors and actress no wo attend except few wen really like you, some wo even dey tell you to pay them money before them come. Last time we interview one Nigerian Producer wen don work for Accra before, em talk say even for UK na de same thing say Ghana community no dey come support Nigeria film. Our people talk say if one hand wash the other one both wo clean. We for i salute no be to find trouble oh but we wan tell Yvonne say since em dey get support from Nigerians, na people like her for talk out so that Nigerian producers wo also dey feel the same support for Accra. The new film name na FIX US. them wo bring am out on 6 Th December, Yvonne Okoro, and many other big actors dey inside, make una come out to watch am. Na Pascal Amafro Direct am.


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