Kofi Adjorlolo wen be the Ghana Actors wen don blow pass for all the men wen dey act film for ghana.
Now wen matter dey come out between Ghana and Nigeria, na em Kofi come talk with I Salute media say na Nigeria make am who em be now.
Kofi when don stay for Benin Edo state for Nigeria where em play music follow victor Uwafor Band, before em come Ghana start acting.
Even wen em come Ghana Kofi say na Nigeria make am who em be today, na Nigerian producers and directors give am lead roles when blow am today. Em say 2014 April  Nigerian people give am award for Minneapolis USA, with other 23 Nigerian Actors, na only him be the Ghana Actor wen appear for the list after then em come blow like boko haram bomb, Liberia president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf give am oga kpatakpata for Peace Award and Micheal, Obama wife come give am another US ambassador award same year.

Em say Ghana no get were dem dey honor artist na only golden movie awards and Ghana movies award and em dey remove cap for both of them always, em say em no support people wen say make producers shun dem because na only the two Ghana get.


Kofi  say em dey beat em hand for chest say make any Ghana Producer come challange am.
You wo see say E don te wen we see Kofi for Ghana movie but na every day em dey get job for Nigeria. People dey wonder say why e be say any time Destiny Omon dey or any other Nigerian producer bring movie out Kofi must dey there to support, because our people talk say ” Those wen good spirit help them break kernel no dey ever forget to say thank you. We for I salute believe say if this hand wash the other hand, na em both wo clean. Make we learn to dey support other people work because one tree no dey grow for inside forest.


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