After the visit of the Vice President of Nigeria to Ghana, Traders who’s shop have remained locked waited to see what the action will be . Frustrated with the low pace, A coalition of trade union and pressure groups  took the traders case to Abuja demanding the evacuation of all traders affected by the trade war before the Ghana elections. In A telephone chat from Abuja the convener of the Coalition for the Safe Evacuation of Nigerian Traders in Ghana (COSENTIG) Mr. *Nze Ugo-Akpe Onwuka (Oyi) said they cannot wait till after the Ghana elections before settling the issue. They want government to evacuate them now. These are some of his further demands.


We demand that Nigerian traders in Ghana be evacuated by the Federal Government of Nigeria NOW to save lives.

1. Rising hardship amongst affected traders is becoming a major source of concern as those with health challenges increase on a daily basis.

2. Inability of the traders to access medical treatment due to lack of finance, which ultimately leads to deaths.

3. Properties of affected traders being foreclosed on due to inability to meet up with loans repayments.

4. Physical attack and abuse from Ghana Union of Traders, Circle Branch.

5. Products getting outdated on the shelves of the locked shops.


*- Coalition for the Safe Evacuation of Nigerian Traders in Ghana (COSENTIG)*





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