Last Night local TV stations for Ghana report say some Niger men try go register for the Ghana National Identification wen be say na only Ghanaians get right to register. Nothing concern any Nigerian inside the matter but because say dem want make the matter sweet this morning one site (ghanaweb) and many other media come write say the people when dem arrest na Nigerians.

Na one Timothy Wuni wen be Ghanaian wen de work for NIA office for Abossey Okai try register Alhassan Adbul and Abubakar Ruali (Two of them na from Niger). Na em some group of people wen dem dey call The Pointers, dem be one group for accra wen dey follow all Nigerian matter , dem come vex say all this one be like arrangee by some media people to take spoil Nigeria name for Ghana. Dem come talk say make Ghana web correct them self quickly. Dem also talk say make dem no try to dey add Nigeria name to everything like tortoise just to make the story sweet.

No forget to always join for all the Nigeria Story Wen commot from Ghana.


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