The Nigerian man (Mr. Taofeek ) wen police arrest yesterday for Nima after people don beat am well well no be kidnapper, As the story come out for news na em one group wen them dey call the pointers come send one of thier member go make E follow the matter, the member come talk say the man wen dem arrest no be kidnapper, The man go there go find em girl friend, as em stand na so some guys ask am say watin em dey do there ? As em wan talk dem begin shout thief thief, na so em run, dem pursue am almost kill am before police come arrest the man. Police go em house search everywhere dem no see any sign of bad thing, i come call the Oga Kpatapkata for traders wen be Nigerians for Ghana Mr chukwuemeka Levi Nnaji Em tell me say all these matter no de make him sleep for night. Em say na even Oga Ambassador na em send am the tori of the man. Because many Nigerians say na because our Ambassador no dey talk thats why dem dey treat us like this, people come even talk say if em no talk well for this matter, Nigerians wo do oshebe hey oshebe hey go em office so that Abuja and the whole world wo hear watin dey happen, but this morning dem let me know say oga Ambassador dey well well em wo send some body go police station this morning on top the matter. As we dey talk so the Man and em brother wen dey stay with am for the same house dey for Kotobabi police station where police lock dem put.

We for isalute media na we be the stubborn fly we fit follow matter enter grave self so your own na to follow us.

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