Our attention has been drawn to News publications making rounds written by Goodnews_writer, published by Opera News, and other online portals of two Nigerians arrested for selling babies to sakawa boys.

The news is Fake, a deliberate attempt to instigate a xenophobic attack against Nigerians as usual.

We will recall that 2019 saw biased reportages and fake news targeted at Nigerians, Fake news of kidnapping, Fake news of Nigerian shooting a policeman, fake news of a Nigerian stealing a child in Nima, Fake news of Nigerian killing a 10-year-old in Kasoa, and many more. It subsided after the Nigerian media groups in Ghana could not take more of it, launched a defense after pulling down the Nigerian mission house in Accra.

We want to remind Opera news and its co-workers of Hate that before you start a war count your soldiers. The media war is what you don’t want to bring on a country with more than 20 million internet users.

We are therefore calling on those media houses to pull the news down and make disclaimers as soon as possible.

We will not hesitate to seek legal redress if this call is not adhered to, Enough is Enough. You cannot like the banks and stereotype the hustlers.



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