Yesterday, police don free the three oyimbo canada girls when some people kidnap for Kumasi. As the story dey go, na Canada send some police people when come help Ghana police find where dem keep the girls. Police come arrest five Ghana people and 3 Nigerian people when follow dem go. The person wen lead them go kidnap the girls na one Man wen every body know well well for Ghana, according to Sam George wen be NDC MP, Sam talk am today for METRO TV say Seidu Mba na former body guide to the director of GNPC, em also talk say Seidu Mba  na member of Delta for security and na em be youth leader for NPP for their village. But the way the thing de go, every body na about the 3 Nigerians wen dey inside dem dey talk, but make we no forget say na rat wen dey house dey go tell the one wen dey bush say fish dey inside basket. Last time six people go commit robbery, na one nigeria dey inside, every where begin hot say na Nigerians do the robbery, them Kidnap and kill one small boy for Kasua, dem arrest 3 nigerians say na dem but as we dey speak dem don release the boys after dem find out say na some Ghana people kill the boy. The case of one diplomat wen dem kidnap, dem say na nigerians, members of one Pointers follow the case come find out say the matter no be true, how police wo say them go kidnapper house say all of them escape ? The takoradi girls case, Police talk say dem arrest one nigerian boy, more then 4 months now dem still never find the girls and big big oga dem dey accuse dem self, even CID madam talk say em know where the girls dey and as we speak one NDC oga de inside wahala for the case. the thing be like say na nigeria people be the grass wen dey for ground where two elephant dey fight. Many good nigerians even the oga dem wen be king don talk am say time don reach wen our Nigerian Embassy wo put mouth for this matter because E don dey turn national disgrace. Many Nigerians wen i talk to believe say na just a way to take call Nigerians bad so that dem for fit drive them the way dem take do ghana must go for olden days. We for i salute go interview many people for the matter and we wo bring our interview with HRM Eze Chukwudi Ehienatu wen be the Eze Ndi Igbo for Ghana soon.

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