GHANA BASED NIGERIAN BANKER- Offers solutions to the African Corruption problems
In a crucial time when Nigeria, Africa, and indeed, the whole world are looking for a solution to eradicate the menace of fraud/corruption from our businesses and corporate environment. Mr Chiedu Okonta (FCA, MBA-LBS. B.SC), a seasoned Banker and a Chartered Accountant is of the view of self-cure. In his book
“STAMP OUT FRAUD IN YOUR SYSTEM” slated to be launched on September 12th 2020; the seasoned Banker argued that corruption must be first killed by self. below is the Teasers from the book…
Hurrah!!! Your entity can grow its wealth in this hard time -post Covid.
How? Just by getting the winning factors against fraud and wastages in every system. No extra cost! But there is extra wealth!!
Is fraud/corruption an issue in the world today? Oh yes fraud/corruption is a very big problem in the world today as it threatens every nation, company, organisation and agencies worldwide. The World Bank Report of 2019 revealed that conservatively 5% of the World Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which is equivalent to USD1.5 Trillion is prone to fraud and corruption each year! This affects virtually every aspect of the world today.
“Stamp Out Fraud in your System’’ is a novel
book on elimination of wastes, and fraud in the system. The author, using his 25 years ‘of cognate experience, as a Banker and Chartered Accountant; succinctly proved with empirical evidence

that it is possible to actually eliminate fraud from any system. This was exemplified in his place of work, by his leadership of the Fraud Prevention and Recovery Drive for ten consecutive years; where he demonstrated that it is possible to eliminate fraud in every system!
“STAMP OUT FRAUD IN YOUR SYSTEM” authored by Chiedu Okonta (FCA; MBA-LBS & B.SC) provides practical steps that should eliminate fraud in every system that adopts it!
This book would unlock the treasures usually lost to fraud/corruption in your system! It is highly recommended for every Business Owner, Entrepreneurs, Management staff; Bankers; Risk Management Professionals; Audit & Control Officers, every Small & Medium Enterprises, Church Leaderships, Management students, Teachers, Associations, Organisations; Policy Makers in Government Ministries and Establishments; Financial and Management Consultants.
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