Yesterday we write una say VGMA, the award show wen charter house and vodafone dey do every year, where Shatta and Stone go cause wahala, when Stone vex remove gun before Shatta take off. Everybody come dey stone Chater house say dem no do well to make sure say wahala no happen and people come dey wonder say how gun take enter the hall, After Chater house report the matter to policce wen dem come lock two of dem for cooler, before police come dig the matter say na person give am the gun as the matter take happen. Police come say dem take torch light de find that person wen give am the gun, why u wo give person gun wen matter start ? you want make em kill shatta abi na watin, if you watch the video if nor be say Stone sabi use gun, that gun for cause bad thing. Oga police don charge Stone and Shatta say dem dey disturb people peace for where dem dey jolly . Dem also give them bail make dem go house. Chater house say dem no wo gree at all at all say dem wo let every body know watin and watin dem for take pull Shatta and Stone ears. Some radio DJ say dem no wo play two of thier music for six months.

For this matter and many other matter we wo dey follw up your own na to follow us.

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