Prophet Eke Okereke wen be the Oga Kpatapkata for Global Liberation Mission Accra, enter I salute Media studios yesterday, Prophet EKe wen be say God give am grace to help barren women get pikin , according to the testimony wen women for the church talk, over 30 pikin wen God don use am give different women for the church.  Pastor Eke na from Abia state Nigeria, em come Ghana serve Victorious People Assembles for 10 years before em say God give an this em new church name say make em start for am . The pastor when be say em also get gift to pray for people business talk say em no take one cedi commot from the old church say even the account when people no know about em wife still advice am make em give the old church back . Despite God bless many people with money through am . Em say all the cars when em get na people give am say em never take church money buy car before . Em say some Ghana people prefer make them pay consultation fee before them see Prophet . Em say many times people don tell am say if em belive say em prayer or prophesy Dey work then em for dey charge people. Em say em no Dey fight pastors wen dey collect money oh but em no wo do am cos na every body know em arrangement with God. Em come studio with Pastor Emmanuel Ogbona (JP) when come from Nigeria for 3 days program when them start yesterday for the church place for pillar 2 opposite Atomic Energy commission. The program wo round up tomorrow. Em say make people carry their problems come especially those women wen dey find pikin. Tomorrow program wo start by 9: Am.



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