The Eze ndi Igbo na Ghana, His Royal Majesty, Chukwudi Jude Ihenetu (HRM) today wo give food to 1,000 people for street today for Ghana. Yesterday, I salute Media talk to Eze for phone. Eze talk say na hungry be the first satan wen they worry person, em say pikin wen dey hungry no fit learn well, say na hungry na em dey let many people dey go commit bad thing because hungry man na angry man. Eze talk say today by 10 o clock this morning , Him and other people for em palace, some Ghana Celebrities, other kings and big big Oga dem for Ghana wo dey there. Them wo also dey  help some women  start market wen wo help them dey feed their  family. Every Body wo meet for America house  traffic light for opposite shell filling station, for East Legon. From there dem wo come dey move to share the food around. So if you know E get as belle dey do you and you know say nothing dey house, you fit just enter tro tro come there come do refill. we say may God bless Eze, I salute media and em team wo dey there may we wo dey  bring una the live tory wen happen for there .




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