As the matter don turn torri for every where say Oga kpatakpata for Nigeria wen dem dey call P.M Buhari wo turn nigeria to Muslim land, as Obasanjo talk am last week wen come cause so many wahala when be say even DSS try to arrest oga OBJ, since then many people don dey talk say watin obasanjo dey talk na true, but one Igbo King for Ghana wen dem de call, HRH Eze Kennedy Ginikanwa Obi, wen be the Eze of all the Nigeria when dey live for adenta , La Nkwatanang , GA East and Madina area, the Eze come talk say make OBJ keep quiet say no body fit turn Nigeria to Muslim Land. Em say the only reason Obasanjo dey talk na because say the person wen him and the Oga dem for politics pet carry give Nigeria don turn back against them. Em say na because buhari don be like dog wen no dey hear em owner voice again , na em make OBJ come dey bark like dog wen em pikin lost.

EM say Fulani Herdsmen matter say na all the politician for north get hand inside, because na dem get the cows wen dey cause the katakata so, na dem still dey buy gun give them. EM say every politician get em own herdsmen wen dey fight for am. Eze wen every body know say em no dey fear to talk, say during OBJ time wen the country be wan break into 3 na em make Obasanjo come allow that Bomb for Ikeja explode so that E wo put fear for people body say war no good, but many people die. So no be today politicians don dey use people life dey play baba ijebu abi na super bet.

The Eze talk say make them give Miyatte Allah money after all dem be our brothers, em say those fulani wen dey kidanap for ondo whether dem de carry the person wen dem kidnap go north em say no, na Ondo there dem wo keep am dey collect money so which means say Ondo People get hand for the matter.

Eze Kennedy talk say make police no dey kill boko haram, say if them dey allow them dey confess who send dem then this matter for don end. Eze wen vex well well talk say na only watin happen for sudan fit happen for Nigeria wen peace for dey and na person like am the youth fit hear em word, say if The country no arrange em self, Em wo call the youths make dem enter street go demonstrate for their papa land.


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