After police go save the canada girls wen people kidnap yesterday, the people wen be say dem dey write or read news for Ghana, na only the Nigerian matter dem dey talk pass, the Oga Kpatapkata for the kidnappers na Ghana Politics Agbero wen everybody know, so people come dey vex na em make even Ghana people dey vex , Manifest wen be one rapper wen big well well for ghana come write for twitter say why E be say Ghana media dey quick point finger for Nigeria people wen bad thing happen, em say na watin oyimbo people dey do african people for abroad wen we no like so make we no dey do am to our self.

So far police don arrest 5 Ghana people and 3 Nigerians . The oga wen lead them go na Siedu Mba wen be popular Agbero wen people know for Ghana.

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