A group of Nigerians who flew into Ghana have been held down in an isolation center at M plaza hotels. In a video about 8 of them lamented on their forceful detention, some claimed they did a test at the Nigerian airport only to be told that they are positive without showing or giving them the test results. According to Engineer Uche who spoke to Islaute news, they are been guided by military men with guns and their passports forcefully taking away from them until they can pay the accumulated hotel bills of 530 GhC daily (37,000 Naira, 88 USD). They claimed to be more than 20 but these are the few we managed to get on video.

Ezeh kachisicho franklin
Nwanyi onyinye Deborah
Ejima kelvin
Ibekwe Williams chibuzo
Aka Sofia
Okedara ebitoye
Ramsey omoefe
Ahmed akimbiyi Abiola
Danbaba Muhamed Ibrahim
Abimbola Jibril

One Antonia Gomes shared her hotel bills, the seven days expired today but because she could not pay the bill she has been held until she can cough out the money. Don’t forget even Ghanaians from the USA complained the same.

A staff called from the hotel called back to confirm their presence in the hotel, ” Have you used a hotel before? When you owe bills are you allowed to go ? ” she queried.

The video below made by the 8 people mentioned above left one wondering whether it is a kidnap or another money-making trick targeted at poor Nigerians. We are calling on all Nigerian communities and the Nigerian government to wake up and save Nigerian citizens from the Xenophobic Attack in the name of Covid 19.



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