107-Year-old American survivor Mrs. Viola Ford Fletcher now CHIEF. VIOLA FORD FLETCHER and Uncle Hughes Vans Ellis now Chief Hughes Van Ellis were today crowned in a colorful ceremony that brought together several Nigerian traditional heads and VIPs at the Eze Ndi Igbo na Ghana Palace, East Legon, Accra.

The breaking of colanuts was observed with blessings said in Igbo language.

HRM. EZe Chukwudi Jude Ihenetu crowned Chief Viola Ford Fletcher, placing a crown on her head, presenting her with an offor The king pronounced her new title as EBUBE NDI IGBO.(THE GLORY OF THE IGBO’S ) in the same vain chief Huges Van Ellis was also christened IKE OHE NDI IGBO (The Strength of the Igbo’s ). Performance from The Yoruba Art group, Abia women, and 4 big Igbo masquerades rocked our American brethren, Chief Viola was seen shaking her body as the Igbo women sang her praise in Igbo language, there and then the Igbo blood in Her ran like a hot engine, chief Viola clapped and waved to the women dressed in wrappers amd colorful headgears.

In a speech, the visitors praised the great Nigerian culture, Madam E. A Arewa who spoke on behalf of the Nigeria high commission said “ You wanted to experience Nigeria, Eze has brought you a little bit of Nigeria out of the greatness of the African Giant”

Great Nigerians from all works of life were represented including The Nigerian Media Association, Nollywood Ghana Chapter, and strong media representation both local and international. Videos coming in our next article.




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