Our people talk say Lizard wen fall from Iroko Tree talk say if no body praise am, Em wo praise himself. No be only wen bad thing happen dem wo de talk, If good thing happen we supposed fit still talk am.

Na exactly one year be this wen one of our Nigerian brothers Destiny Austine Omon bring out one movie (The King With No Culture) the movie na movie wen carry many of the big people for Ghana go silver bird, Even The EZE Ndi Igbo for the whole Ghana with em full squad dey for Silverbird that night. Movie wen feature Nigerian and Ghana Actors later go get Golden Movie Award Nomination for the whole Africa. The producer post picture of the remembrance for him face book page. say make we say well done to the producer and all the actors wen follow for this movie. Especially Nana Yaa Agyare , Eric Mensah, Don K Yamaoh, Princess Mimi Bala, Adebayo Fakolade, Pa Emmanuel France and every other person.


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