• Na last two weeks wen wahala burst for Kumasi wen Ghana people begin beat  Nigeria people lock their shop,  them say Nigeria people dey take their job so dem want make dem  go back. Na em social media come full where people dey use hastag say #nigeriamustgo but Government come put mouth for the matter but E be like say the market people come think of another way wen dem WO take sack Nigeria people from their market . Yesterday one of the Nigeria traders call I salute media for Afternoon, em talk say the traders come carry Immigration dey waka for inside market dey point Nigerian people for them. immigration carry bus dey pack Nigeria people . last Friday na em police first go catch some girls,  Nigeria, Ghana and other country dey inside for where police say dem dey do Ashawo, them come leave this rest Ghana girls but talk say 15 Nigeria girls no get paper so dem WO deport all of dem
  1. E get one Nigeria man wen dem catch with them as I salute go Immigration office come see the man wife wen be Ghana woman with small baby of 8 months for hand dey cry, na em we come ask am say watin happen, she say dem won deport em husband, because say em get over stay for em passport . na em ask am say but for video wen UTV show the police woman talk say em husband na pimp say na em dey bring them come Ghana , The woman talk say na lie say em husband no even know the girls say em husband go east legon go buy drink na there police arrest am hand am to immigration before them see say em passport get over stay.  We talk to one immigration officer she say dem wo deport them today. Ghana Government don talk say from next month dem WO deport all Nigeria people wen no get papers but na dem same  Immigration dey stay border dey allow people wen no get passport dey pay money enter . I salute media come check the matter like this, man wen get woman and Pikin, get shop for here , you deport am because of paper who WO come take care of that family ?  We fit bet our life say 98% of Ghana people for Nigeria no get residents permit. Now make we no forget say na the same Oga Buhari dey power 1983 wen Ghana must go happen. Many Nigeria people wen isaute talk to say no problems say dem get the  money to do paper and dem WO go do am but dem also want make Nigeria Government take torch look the paper of Ghana people wen dey Nigeria too, Nigeria government don talk last week say if Ghana no want Nigeria people again make dem take so E be like say na the answer dem give so. But if this fight continue like this watin we gain ?


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