Nigeria has started preparation to evacuate his citizens from Ghana following an appeal made by the traders and some unions. Yesterday on Pan African TV Ghana, the President of NUTAG Ghana made a confirmation on ‘THE MATTER’ a Nigeria @ 60 Independence program hosted by Destiny Austine Omon.

“Many Nigerian traders have indicated interest to return home and we are working on the process of evacuating them he said”.

According to him, it is better they return home than die in hunger.

About 700 Nigerian own shops are still under locks. A statement from the high commission also confirms that some group of traders has made requests to be evacuated by Nigeria.

We in Isalute Plead with President Buhari to use the money he is spending in Mali to evacuate his children from Ghana because Mali will also wake up one day and see Nigerians as their problems. Like S.A and now Ghana. Person wen no remember  where rain beat am how em wan remember who give am umbrella


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