One Nigerian Artist wen dey make people laugh well well, na big artist wen dem know for Edo state Nigerian, RAPTOR don share stage with I Go die, ALIBABA, AY and other big Comedian for Nigeria, Raptor dey hostEm first  show for East Legon for Accra. I salute media meet Raptor last week For one Nigeria community end of year party for Adenta, Raptor scatter every body belle with laugh, The pure Edo pikin say that one na just rehearsal, say on Friday make people come with spare belle in case laugh scatter one many other comedians and better music wo flow.

This one na our own, so we for I salute dey beg all Nigerian people, especially our Edo brothers make we come support our own, no be only when small pikin throw way soup the village dey


hear, if em still go bush

kill grass cutter the full village suppose also hear.  The date na tomorrow, see poster when dey under for details.


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