It was 11:30 P.M on Friday when i  got a call, without looking at the number, I picked and a voice said something has just happened, the new Nigerian High commission building has been demolished. To me it was a big joke, I quickly glanced through my contact to see if I could locate any of the media partners close by, Another call came, this time I could sense the tension and panic from the caller’s voice. Then I realized this is no longer a joke. I set off on a one hour journey to see things my self, Knowing the community (Ridge), Right opposite the Police headquarters and beside the SNIIT guest house, I was expecting to see a reasonable number of security men, But when I arrived at 1:15 AM, the silence around the area gave me a reason to doubt if I was at the right place. Personnel of Goodluck Security complex opened the gate for me and the Video Below completes the story.


A source at the embassy I spoke to claimed they have written to the foreign mission to strengthen security in the area after the first partial demolition on Monday which was reported to the Police, yet no action of such was taken.
The men in charge of security at the area, said they made a call to the police, but it took the police one hour to get there, Meanwhile, the police headquarters is less than 5 minutes drive to the building, Which shows something must be wrong somewhere.
The High Commission has declined comments as they expect to make an official press release to that effect.
Even if the people who carried out the act have any permit as claimed, should it be done at night? Why didn’t they come with Ghana security personnel? While we await those answer you can watch the live videos of the building been pulled down, This is a big slap on the face of the Nigerian government as a whole,something must be done to stop this insult and victimization of the Nigerian people in a community headed by Nigeria themselves.
Now the Nigerian government can understand it better when the citizen cries, If this can be done to our mission I wonder what can’t be done to a common Nigerian on the street of Accra.

Watch the live video below while we hunt further details.



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